[DVD Review] My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Season 2 Volume 1 [G]

MLPS2V1-DVDAfter a fantastic run with Season 1, MLP: Friendship Is Magic comes in with a bang for Season 2. This wonderful show has not lost any of its amazing wit and charm, and it in fact has now found its feet and it’s easy to jump right back into knowing all the characters now. With that said for new fans, who haven’t seen Season 1 episodes, there is more than enough here to catch you up and bring you in with what is happening, what the show is about and the charm of our main six Ponies.

The Return On Harmony Part 1 and 2

The season kicks off with a hark back to the first episode, with our beloved Ponies, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Apple Jack, Rarity, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash being called upon by Princess Celestia to first use the Elements of Harmony. The only problem is the elements are missing and the girls need to battle a force that takes away the Harmony. Will our group be able to cover come dis-harmony and return Ponyville back to its usual self? Well naturally you will need to watch to find out.

This double episode is actually a lot of fun, the ponies have to go through quite a trial, and they do learn some good lessons along the way. The show is about friendship, and how it can survive anything. This is a hard one for them to get through, and their strength in numbers is certainly tested. This double episode is really well done, the voice work is quite outstanding here too. It has its usual gorgeous animation style, with a strong story to go with it. Younger viewers may find this episode a tad scary, so for parents just be aware of that.


Lesson Zero

Twilight Sparkle loses her way and forgets to write her weekly letter on friendship to Princess Celestia. She doesn’t want to be tardi, and during her journey to find out more about friendship she stresses herself out and seems to cause more trouble than doing good.

This is a nice simple episode about the anxieties we face and how we can let these stresses blind us from what we really need to do. It is also very sweet in its message about friendship, with the group having to realise that Twilight Sparkle really does need help. I think the younger audience will get a lot out of the message of the episode and us older fans can enjoy relating to Twilight Sparkle and her anxieties.

Luna Eclipsed

Princess Luna comes to town on her special day Nightmare Night (similar to Halloween, where the ponies dress up and trick or treat), but all of Ponyville are scared of her and Luna feels some what misunderstoood. Twilight Sparkle takes it upon herself to help Princess Luna change her image.

This is a nice and very funny episode (Pinkie Pie and her costume steal the show), with Princess Luna needing to adjust to how things are but also needed to be understood. I think its an easy episode to relate to, with some good and strong messages there. Princess Luna is very well handled and this is the first time we have seen her since the beginning of Season 1. Twilight Sparkle is very in this episode as well, and I think this is an easy one to enjoy for fans of all ages.


Sisterhooves Social

Out of the five episodes, I think this was my favourite one. This one focuses on Rarity and her up and down relationship with her sister Sweetie Belle. The younger sibling is trying to help her older sibling but winds up just being annoying. So she decides to see how Apple Jack and Apple Bloom are, and realises what she is missing with Rarity. Rarity at first is very annoyed by Sweetie Belle but soon discovers what a great sister she has, but can this relationship get repaired before the Sisterhooves Social.

I think anyone with siblings or even cousins can relate to this one, family don’t always get along and it is always difficult being the younger one. Sweetie Belle has the best of intentions here, and Rarity doesn’t see that right away. The message of the episode about the importance of family and even the understanding of family is rather important. It gets its message across quite easily and it never feels like it is trying to preach anything. Definitely something fans of all ages can easily enjoy, and those of us who are older will probably find ourselves nodding our heads to their actions thinking “yep, been there!”


The Australian DVD 
The audio and video are excellent on this release, it’s all very clear and crisp and there really isn’t anything to fault here.

Overall Rating


Thanks to Ben from MadMan for his support.

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