Bede’s Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon #8: Movie 43

Hey everyone! Welcome to my 8th edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon series. It’s 2014 and that means I have another year of even more bad movies to watch. About month ago here the I posted up poll with three bad movies from 2013 and I said that whichever one out of those three films had the highest votes, I would watch and live-tweet for this column. Well, the votes are in and you all have spoken. It was absolutely landslide for one film in particular! For this instalment of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon, you guys wanted me to watch and live-tweet… MOVIE 43! Will I figure how the producers convinced the all-star cast to appear in the film? Are any of the sketches actually funny at all? Read on and find out! Enjoy!


Bede @BedeJermyn

Hollywood: where films like MOVIE 43 can be made #Movie43

Movie 43

Oh hai, Dennis Quaid. I see that you are still going through your ‘I’ll do anything for the pay check’ phase of your career, huh? #Movie43

Oh, look! It’s Oscar nominee Greg Kinnear. I guess he didn’t have better things to do as well. #Movie43

Yeah… If I were Isabella Rossellini, I really wouldn’t appreciate being made fun of for having bad gas #Movie43

“This is a film that’s about something. It’s a smart movie with heart” Which this film clearly doesn’t have at all #Movie43


Hey, Kate Winslet! I suppose now that you finally won that Oscar, you don’t have to star in good quality films anymore #Movie43

Hugh Jackman looks so… Youthful. Which isn’t surprising since this segment was shot 5 years ago. Seriously it was. #Movie43

Kate and Hugh’s date seems to be going to really well so far. Clearly nothing is going to go wrong here. #Movie43

Hugh Jackman has testicles on his neck. Yes, you read that correctly. Hugh has TESTICLES on his neck! #Movie43

So this segment like a live-action version of that SOUTH PARK episode where Butter’s glued balls to his chin, right? #Movie43

Don’t know about anyone else but Kate’s behaviour is very believable for someone whose dating a guy with balls on his neck  #Movie43

I like how Kate tries to motion to the waiter about Hugh’s appearance to see if she is the only one who has noticed #Movie43

Hugh just dunked his balls in his soup. And now his eating it. Clearly this is the high point of his career #Movie43

Now a pubic hair has fallen to his soup. And He still continues to eat it… No I’m not making this up #Movie43

So Kate Winslet went from winning a Oscar to next starring in a film about a guy with balls on neck not long after. Hmmm… #Movie43

Now a married couple and their baby have showed up to say hello to Hugh. I think you can guess where this is going to go #Movie43

Hugh is holding the baby. And his balls are resting on the baby’s head. Clearly there are no lows that this film can go to #Movie43

I’ve just realized that I’ve been saying balls A LOT during this Bad Tweet-A-Thon and… I apoligize for that #Movie43

This scene is unrealistic. Greg Kinnear’s studio here wouldn’t be shock, he would think it was the best idea ever for a film lol #Movie43

“Kate Winslet is going to make a film about a guy with balls hanging from his chin” Ahhh… She did. We just saw it 5 minutes ago #Movie43


Hey Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts! What’s are you doing here? Seriously, what you doing here? I want to know!  #Movie43

I know Liev & Naomi are trying to give their son the High School experience at home but… Does it have to be like this? #Movie43

You know between this film, DIANA and ADORATION, 2013 really wasn’t a good year for Naomi Watts #Movie43

This sketch is weird. #Movie43

Ummm… Where are social services in this sketch? #Movie43

Ummm… No, movie. Don’t even think about going there! #Movie43

Just when you think the film can’t get any lower, it brings in incest. No joke. #Movie43


Oh hai Chris Pratt and Anna Faris! Another real life married couple whose marriage will be destroyed by this film #Movie43

Well, this is actually nice. Anna & Chris are enjoying a nice pleasant picnic together. What could go wrong here? #Movie43

“Will you poop on me?”… I got nothing. Seriously, I don’t.  #Movie43

Chris’s friends are giving him advice about to do about pooping on Anna. Ummm… How about don’t? #Movie43

I just realized that this live-tweeting has been about balls, incest and pooping. Again, I apologize #Movie43

Man, this sketch is every poop and fart joke haters worst nightmare brought to life  #Movie43

This film is a really good insight into Chris & Anna’s marriage #Movie43

Chris Pratt gets hit by a car. As you would guess, there is crap everywhere! #Movie43

EEEEEWWWWWW!!!! #Movie43


Yep, just as figured. Greg Kinnear’s character is representing the audience’s reaction to this film #Movie43

So… Who the hell is the guy on the couch in this scene between Dennis and Greg? He’s just there for no reason #Movie43

Dennis pulls a gun on Greg and demands that his film gets made. This is how I imagine Uwe Boll gets his films produced #Movie43


Oh hai Emma Stone and Kieran Culkin! #Movie43

What the hell are these Emma and Kieran talking about in this scene? #Movie43

Seriously, WTF is with this scene? I have no idea what’s going on? #Movie43

These people don’t act like real people at all #Movie43

Say what you will, but Emma Stone is better here than she was than in either GANGSTER SQUAD and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #Movie43

Now there’s a commercial all of sudden. Don’t ask #Movie43

Movie 43

Oh hai all-star cast as superheroes at a speed dating event #Movie43

Batman’s a dick #Movie43

Hey Uma Thurman! I’m actually not surprised that you’re in this film. #Movie43

I just realized that Uma Thurman is involved in a sketch that has Batman and Robin in it. BATMAN & ROBIN reunion anyone? #Movie43

Well, thanks to this film, I now know what Superman uses to slick up his hair… Eeeewwww!!! #Movie43

You know I would totally see Justin Long, Jason Sudeikis, Bobby Cannavale and Kristen Bell as superheroes. Just not this one    #Movie43

Batman is hiding under table describing Supergirl’s… Ummm… You know… #Movie43

Another thing that this film has taught me: Batman likes to cry after having sex. If Wonder Woman says so, so it must be true #Movie43

Not only is Batman a jerk, he’s also perv too #Movie43

Okay, another commercial is on. I honestly didn’t know that there were kids inside photo copiers, ATMs and drink machines #Movie43

Actually surprisingly this fake commercial, its one of the best parts of the film #Movie43

I imagine that the scenes between Dennis and Greg are pretty accurate about how pitch meetings go in Hollywood #Movie43


Oh hai Richard Gere! #Movie43

So the iBabe is a naked woman with headphones attached to her that plays music. Rrrrriiiigggghhhhtttt…. #Movie43

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an actor look as bored  as Gere does here. He really wants to get the hell out of there  #Movie43

Oh hai Kate Bosworth! #Movie43

“Oh my God. Just when I thought that it offensive” Are you talking about the iBabe or this film, Kate? Or is it both? #Movie43

Kate Bosworth’s character is the only smart one in this sketch. Everybody else is a complete sexist dumb arse #Movie43

Movie 43

Oh hai Chloe Grace Moretz! #Movie43

So basically this sketch is about Moretz’s character having her first period and how men freak out about it #Movie43

This is how imagine that all men react when a young woman has her period for the first time #Movie43

Oh hai, Patrick Warbuton! #Movie43

And this sketch ends with a fart joke…. Yep… #Movie43

Another commercial! How many are in this film? #Movie43

Alright, was much as that commercial was pretty wrong, I will admit that it’s punchline was pretty funny #Movie43

Hey! I didn’t know I was in this film! Oh wait, I’m sorry. That’s just my doppelganger Seth MacFarlane #Movie43

Oh hai Common! #Movie43

“Where going to make your film this century’s HOWARD THE DUCK” This may be the truthful thing that this film has said so far #Movie43


Oh hai Seann William Scott and Johnny Knoxville! #Movie43

Gerard Butler is in this sketch too. He plays a foul-mouthed leprechaun. Yes, read that right. #Movie43

But honestly I think they should have Tom Cruise in the role, since he is about the same height as a leprechaun  #Movie43

Oh ,wait! There’s a 2nd leprechaun in this sketch whose also played by Butler. He’s more foul-mouthed than the other one

Man, these leprechauns are obsessed with balls. Luckily Hugh Jackman isn’t this one cause he would be messed up for sure

Wow… The sketch is really violent #Movie43

And there’s a fairy in this sketch as well. And she likes to… Ummm…You know… For gold coins… Yeah…


Oh hai Halle Berry and Stephen Merchant! Clearly these two would go on a date in real life #Movie43

You know even though Halle Berry is in this film, CATWOMAN and DIE ANOTHER DAY are still the worst films of her career  #Movie43

Of course Halle Berry would be the one to dare a guy to go feel up another man. That’s just how she roles #Movie43

Uh, oh. These dares are starting to get even more wrong now. Seriously, you blow a blind kid’s birthday candles! It’s wrong! #Movie43

Now where going to see a montage of all the terrible dares that Halle and Stephen did on their date #Movie43

We’re gonna need a montage! Montage! #Movie43

Halle Berry just made guacamole with one of her boobs. No joke. #Movie43

And Stephen just got a penis tattooed on his face. Yes, he did. #Movie43

Now Halle is going to put a baster full of hot chili in her… No, I’m not even going to write the rest of that sentence #Movie43

Stephen just dare Halle to get really bad plastic surgery, and she looks like… I have no idea what she looks like. It’s bad #Movie43

Halle just dared Stephen to get plastic surgery to look like an Asian person… Yeeeaaahhhhh… #Movie43

I think they used the same make-up effects from CLOUD ATLAS for Stephen’s make up design #Movie43

Clearly this is trying not to be offensive at all #Movie43

… Not offensive at all #Movie43

Now where back to the Dennis and Greg wraparound scenes. For bizarre reason, it breaks the 4th wall to show that it was… #Movie43

… All a film within a film. Well, that was… Umm… Pointless #movie43


I’m not going to lie: this VICTORY’S ROAD sketch with Terrence Howard, is actually pretty funny. It’s definitely the best one #Movie43

That dude’s shoulders on the white basketball team are really hairy #Movie43

I think Terrence Howard channelled his character from PRIDE for this film #movie43

Yeah, this is definitely the best sketch in the whole film #Movie43

Well, I guess that’s the end of the film cause the credits are now playing. Thank God. #Movie43

Hey! That’s me! Oh, sorry. That was Seth MacFarlane again. Dammit! Why do we have to look so similar!  #Movie43

Brett Ratner was one of many directors of these film? *Cue fan boys yelling booooo!!!* #movie43

Elizabeth Banks directed a sketch? #Movie43

Wait, wait, wait, wait… There’s still ONE MORE sketch we haven’t seen yet?! And James Gunn directed it?! #Movie43

The sketch is about an evil cartoon cat that’s really, and I mean REALLY, obsessed with its owner. Sounds about right #Movie43


Oh hai Elzabeth Banks and Josh Duhamel! #Movie43

The cartoon cat is… *sigh* pleasuring himself over pictures of Josh Duhamel… I can’t believe I wrote that sentence… #Movie43

Now the cartoon cat has just pissed all over Elizabeth. Just when I think this film couldn’t get anymore low, it still does #Movie43

Now the cartoon cat is watching Josh & Elizabeth have sex… *sigh* #Movie43

And as the cartoon cat is watching them, he’s… Ummm… No… I’m going to write that. It’s pretty wrong… #Movie43

The cartoon cat just ran over Elizabeth with a car and now he’s just pulled out a shotgun out #Movie43

He just shot her! And somehow Elizabeth survived it. #movie43

Now Elizabeth is beating the crap out of the cat with a shovel at a kid’s birthday party. I’m not making this up. #Movie43

Now this sketch has taken an even more dark turn, the kids are attacking Elizabeth and stabbing her to death with forks! #Movie43

And the cartoon cat has thought bubble showing him making out with Josh. No, I’m not making that up either! This is real! #Movie43


So now you’re wondering, is MOVIE 43 the worst film ever made? No, definitely not. But is it still a bad film all the same? Yes. #Movie43

I hope everyone enjoyed reading this 8th edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon! Keep a look out early February for the next one  which could one of the following three films: BIRDEMIC: SHOCK AND TERROR, COOL AS ICE or THE GARBAGE PAIL KIDS. Which one will it be? Vote on the poll which will be posted here on soon!

– Bede Jermyn

One thought on “Bede’s Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon #8: Movie 43

  1. I’m sorry you had to watch this film, but these tweets are really funny. I only laughed once when I was watching it, during the Stephen Merchant and Halle Berry sketch. His plastic surgery really was reminiscent of Cloud Atlas! So dodgy.


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