Bede’s Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon #7: Breakin’

Hey everyone! Welcome to my 7th edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon series. Sorry it took me so long to post this article online, the last couple of weeks have been busy in my life. About a month ago here the I posted up poll with three bad movies and I said that whichever one out of those three films had the highest votes, I would watch and live-tweet for this column. Well, the votes are in and you all have spoken. It was a close race between those three films but one film manage to win out in the ned! For this instalment of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon, you guys wanted me to watch and live-tweet… BREAKIN’! Will I be able to figure out why fashion in the 80’s was so bad? Is wroth watching just to see a very young Jean-Claude Van Damme as an extra? Read on and find out! Enjoy!


Bede @BedeJermyn

Oh, hai Cannon Films! Best production company ever! #Breakin

Clearly BATMAN & ROBIN ripped off this opening sequence for their movie #Breakin


Man… I’m not even 2 minutes in and this film so… 80’s lol #Breakin

Hey guys! Michael Jackson called and he wants his wardrobe back! #Breakin

That boss has a seriously case of bad sweat stains on his shirt #Breakin

Coca Cola must have paid a lot of money for product placement in this film #Breakin


lol I like how lead star Lucinda Dickey has a mullet #Breakin

Wow… A chicken salad for $3.50?! Everything in the 80’s was so inexpensive when compared to now #Breakin

Goodbye best friend who we will never see again!  #Breakin

You know you watching a film from the 80’s when everybody is wearing leg warmers #Breakin

This dance instructor is really touchy feely. He’s creeping me out

This must be the 40th dance sequence we’ve had so far in this film #Breakin

Gratuitous arse shot #Breakin


OMG Jean-Claude Van Damme is an extra in the background of this scene! #Breakin

I like how Van Damme tries to be in the background of every shot in this scene lol #Breakin

lol Van Damme just uses the same moves over and over again lol #Breakin

Yeah… I’m sorry Van Damme but you should stick to martial arts lol #Breakin

I’m just going to come out and say it: this is without a doubt a greatest performance of Van Damme’s career #Breakin

His portrayal as a beach bum who has no idea how to dance is the stuff of legend. It’s just… breath-taking #Breakin

Van Damme looks so serious now lol #Breakin

There is a dancer onscreen now that looks so much like John Leguizamo that it’s scary #Breakin

like this street dancers names: Ozone, Turbo, Special K, Cupcakes etc. #Breakin


I think its pretty clear that the dance instructor is the John Kreese of the Cobar Kai in this film #Breakin

Oh, man. This song is really terrible lol #Breakin

It makes me laugh when Turbo squeals like a girl. He sounds like Ned Flanders when he screams lol #Breakin

Ozone’s real name isn’t pronounced Orlando, it’s Orlundo. Remember that people. #Breakin

Geez, the dance instructor can’t say ‘amateur’ right lol  #Breakin

Ah, oh. He’s being touchy feely again  #Breakin


I think we’re onto our 160th dance sequence so far in this film  #Breakin

There are so… Many… Leotards in this film #Breakin

Not only is this dance instructor a jerk, he’s also a sexual predator as well  #Breakin

Where’s Sexual Harassment Panda when you need him?!  #Breakin

I find it very hard to believe that a dancer wouldn’t know Fred Astaire is  #Breakin

Dance sequence #523  #Breakin

I’m not going to lie, sometimes I wish I could dance like that  #Breakin

I don’t know why Turbo is dancing with a broom but… he is  #Breakin


lol You can clearly see the strings attached to his hands when he *levitates* the broom  #Breakin

Ahh… The boombox. How I miss those  #Breakin

lol Talking smack to people, 80’s style is hilarious #Breakin

I swear this dancers just do the same dance routines over and over again #Breakin

There not even in-sync with each other!  #Breakin


Hey, it a really young Christopher McDonald! I wonder if he’ll play a jerk in this film too?  #Breakin

What a feeling! Whoops wrong movie  #Breakin

I don’t get these casting agents that Special K is meeting. They are very confused about who they want for their show  #Breakin

Those are some really short short-shorts #Breakin

Okay, Christopher McDonald is going be a jerk any minute now  #Breakin

Oh, man. The fashion just keeps getting more and more hilarious  #Breakin


ICE-T! You’re in this movie too?!  #Breakin

Did I just see Napoleon Dynamite in the background?  #Breakin

I guess Ice-T can take pride in knowing that having a E! reality show is not the least gangster rapper thing he’s ever done  #Breakin

There’s one extra in the background who’s trying to one up Van Damme by being in every single shot as well  #Breakin

Seriously he’s on one side of the room, then in the next shot he’s other side lol  #Breakin

Wow there’s a lot of scratching in this song #Breakin

Oh, come on! That’s cheating! It’s suppose to be two-on-two #Breakin

Yeah, I just realized that after watching the STEP UP series, all the dances are pretty tame by comparison  #Breakin

Let’s make sure that the Nike symbol is in every shot in this film  #Breakin

Yeah, I don’t know how Ozone & Turbo can see Special K driving up to their shed when it has no windows… And the door is shut  #Breakin


I think this is the film’s 913rd dance sequence so far  #Breakin

lol Everybody’s facial expressions while they’re dancing are hilarious lol  #Breakin

You know you can’t go wrong by having “Ain’t Nobody” by Chaka Khan playing over a montage  #Breakin

Oh, I’m sorry. I meant to say Chaka KKKKKHHHHHAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!  #Breakin

There’s a lot of sexual tension between Ozone and Special K  #Breakin

All these dances just consist of the cast doing the robot  #Breakin

We’re gonna need a montage! Montage!  #Breakin

How is it possible that the gang found the most redneck restaurant in L.A.?  #Breakin

Chuck Norris?  #Breakin

I like how some of the rednecks start fighting each even though they had nothing to do with the fight to begin with  #Breakin

Will they or won’t they? Clearly: they won’t  #Breakin

Oh, yeah! Christopher McDonald is starting to go into jerk mode now   #Breakin

Christopher McDonald’s hair in this film is amazing lol  #Breakin

You’re so white, Christopher McDonald  #Breakin

Ice-T is back! So all his character does in this film is just rap?  #Breakin

Why Ozone wearing a training bra? #Breakin

Some of these extras in the background are hilarious lol #Breakin


That dancer looked like he was having an orgasm #Breakin

Yeah movie, I didn’t really need to see a close-up shot of Ozone’s crotch #Breakin

You can definitely tell that Christopher McDonald is the whitest guy in the room #Breakin

Ice-T’s rapping in this film is really… not good #Breakin


Wait, stop everything! Hold the phone! Christopher McDonald actually isn’t playing a jerk in this film?! #Breakin

I swear they show the same shot of Special K’s jeep driving up to Ozone’s house #Breakin

“I don’t understand you. This could be a really big break for us. Who knows where it might lead us” BREAKIN’ 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO #Breakin

This may be the whitest party I have ever seen #Breakin

No, this can’t be happening. Christopher McDonald is suppose to be a jerk, not a nice guy #Breakin

Haha! We’re so rich and white! #Breakin

Oh, no. It’s that jerk of a dance instructor again and he still can’t say ‘amateur’ right #Breakin

lol I like how Christopher McDonald subtly corrects the evil dance instructor’s pronunciation of ‘amateur’ lol  #Breakin

Wow… It’s really weird to see Christopher McDonald playing a character who is actually nice. He just stood up for the dancers! #Breakin


That red jacket that Special K is wearing is like 10 sizes bigger than her #Breakin

What the hell is up with Christopher McDonald’s tie? #Breakin

Hey Turbo! Daniel LaRusso from THE KARATE KID called he would like his bandana back! #Breakin

I wonder how the hell Special K knew where Ozone at the beach  #Breakin

Ozone is the Anakin Skywalker of this film #Breakin

Ozone: the original emo #Breakin

I think leg warmers need to make a come back #Breakin


Yeah, this crowds scenes aren’t the same if Van Damme isn’t in them #Breakin

Wow! There’s a dancer onscreen now whose uses crutches for this dance routine. That’s pretty awesome!  #Breakin

No, I can’t except the fact that Christopher McDonald is playing a nice and supportive guy in movie. It feels wrong! #Breakin

I think there are more dance sequences in this film than the entire STEP UP films combined #Breakin

The fashion in this film should have won an Oscar  #Breakin

Man, red jackets were definitely the in thing during the 80’s. It must have been because of Michael Jackson #Breakin

I think Ozone might have worms cause he is dragging his arse on the floor for some reason #Breakin

OMG Christopher McDonald is so much of a nice guy in this film that can only say S.O.B. instead of son-of-a-bitch #Breakin


OMG The gang are all wearing tuxedos! That’s hilarious! #Breakin

Umm.. Whatever happened to 4th member of the gang Adam a.k.a. Cupcakes? He’s like vanished from this entire film #Breakin

That’s dude’s tights seriously don’t leave nothing to the imagination at all #Breakin

This evil dance instructor is such a jerk #Breakin

This may be the whitest judging committee I’ve ever seen in a movie. #Breakin

I can’t stop looking a Ozone’s earring in this film #Breakin

What a feeling! Whoops! Sorry wrong movie again! #Breakin


The lead judge’s commentary of this scene is hilarious! #Breakin

I like how the judges were so dismissive but now there like, “hey, this guys are awesome!” #Breakin


Clearly this film isn’t ripping off the ending of FLASHDANCE at all #Breakin

The lead judge is without a doubt the whitest white dude in the history of cinema #Breakin

This final dance I belive is the 1,0000th one featured in this film #Breakin

What the hell kind leotard is Special K wearing? #Breakin

Oh, there’s the 4th member of the gang Adam lol #Breakin

Man… These costumes… These costumes… #Breakin


In case you fell asleep, here’s an entire recap of everything that happen in the film during the credits #Breakin

God bless you Cannon Films. They’ll never be another production company like you #Breakin

I think if Millennium Films want to be the new Cannon Films, they need to make a dance movie like BREAKIN’ #Breakin

The end montage is almost as long as the film #Breakin

Yes! ELECTRIC BOOGALOO! It’ll definitely be a contender for an upcoming edition of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon. #Breakin

But you will have to vote for it of course lol 😉 #Breakin

My only disappointment with this film is that it needed more Van Damme #Breakin


I hope everyone enjoyed reading this 7th edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon! Keep a look out early January for the next one which will be a special Bad Films Of 2013 edition, which could one of the following three films: GROWN UPS 2, MOVIE 43 or SHARKNADO. Which one will it be? Vote on the poll which will be posted here on soon!

– Bede Jermyn


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