Bede’s Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon #6: Halloween: Resurrection

Hey everyone! Welcome to my 6th edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon series. Over 2 weeks here on, I said I was going to do special Halloween edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon series.  I posted up poll with three bad horror movies and I said that whichever one out of those three films had the highest votes, I would watch and live-tweet it for this column. Well, the votes are in and you all have spoken. ! For this instalment of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon, you guys wanted me to watch and live-tweet… HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION! Will we find out the reason why Michael Myers wanted to kill reality TV show contestants? Will survive a kung fu match with Busta Rhymes? Read on and find out! Enjoy!


Bede @BedeJermyn

Dimension Films: where all horror films go if they want to be shelved for a few years #HResurrection

Yeah, having Busta Rhymes the lead in a HALLOWEEN is like making Woody Allen the lead in A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET film #HResurrection

Daisy McCracken sounds like a porn star name  #HResurrection

I don’t know why but it makes laugh that Sean Patrick Thomas gets a *special appearance by* credit in this film #HResurrection

“Waiting for you on the other side of that door, is either Heaven or Hell” Hell as in Harvey Weinstein #HResurrection

Oh, look! It’s the real version of the Annabelle doll from THE CONJURING! Creepy! #HResurrection

I’m really surprised that they didn’t send Laurie Strode to Smithsgrove, it would have made more sense #HResurrection

Oh, no. A gratuitous exposition scene  #HResurrection

Thanks movie! You had to go ruin one of the most satisfying horror film endings ever if this lazy explanation #HResurrection


Why does Jamie Lee Curtis look like Iggy Pop in this film? #HResurrection

There’s a lot of pills in that doll #HResurrection

You know it’s really weird seeing Jamie Lee with long hair, I’m use to it being short or shoulder length #HResurrection

Product placement! #HResurrection

I bet Pepsi paid a lot of money to appear in a film where someone goes around stabbing people to death #HResurrection

Worst security guards ever!  #HResurrection

Seriously, how can anyone not notice that decapitated body on the floor? #HResurrection

I like the fact that instead of just opening the door, Michael Myers just smashes through it like he was the Incredible Hulk #HResurrection

Seriously, how can anyone fall for the “using pillows to pretend that someone is asleep in bed” trick? It’s dumb #HResurrection

Jamie Lee Curtis must’ve been paid A LOT of money to be this film. How else would she have said yes to this #HResurrection

Yes, people. The sound of a knife cutting through rope sounds exactly nails on chalk board #HResurrection

No Laurie! NNNNOOOOOOooooo…. #HResurrection


Oh Michael. Not only did you finally kill Laurie, you also killed every shred of Jamie Lee Curtis and this franchise’s dignity #HResurrection

You know what? This opening prologue would’ve easily have been an entire film of its own. #HResurrection

And It probably would have been better and more satisfying film than this one #HResurrection

It’s ironic that the subtitle for this film is RESURRECTION since this was the film that killed off the series  #HResurrection

You would figure that after killing Laurie, it would make sense for Michael to go after his nephew John next but… #HResurrection

… Nope, he’s going to kill some reality show contestants at his old house instead. Him after John have been a better sequel #HResurrection

Katee Sackhoff! #HResurrection

Hello random soothsayer! This wouldn’t be a slasher if there wasn’t on in it #HResurrection

The way this soothsayer acts, you would think he was out of the SCARY MOVIE sequels #HResurrection

“That guy was creepy” Yeah, that’s the understatement of the century. #HResurrection

Oh, computers from 2002. You’re so completely dated  #HResurrection

That chick looks like Sarah Polley #HResurrection

Man, the music their playing over this scene is terrible #HResurrection

What a bunch of pretentious posers #HResurrection

Did they get Christian Slater to dub over this guy’s voice? Cause it sounds scarily like him #HResurrection

Yeah, right. Like that woman’s scream could shatter a glass #HResurrection


lol Busta Rhymes just did the funniest look on his face lol #HResurrection

A kung fu film is playing on the TV? Foreshadowing! #HResurrection

“I’m dropping out” She should have said that before signing on to this film #HResurrection

“Fear makes me want to throw up” Funny cause so does this film #HResurrection

The dialogue in this scene is terrible #HResurrection

Yeah, this scene with Busta Rhymes goes much too long than it needed to be  #HResurrection

Miles’ best friend looks like one of the Cullens from the TWILIGHT films #HResurrection

Oh, dear God. Tyra Banks is dancing around in the studio for no reason #HResurrection

I wonder if this scene where Michael kills the crew member with the camera tripod leg is a reference to the film PEEPING TOM? #HResurrection

Is there any singing at all in this R&B song? #HResurrection

Clearly Busta Rhymes paid the press to come over and cover his show, cause seriously no one would give a crap #HResurrection

Someone needs to make a montage video of all Busta Rhymes facial expressions for YouTube #HResurrection

Seriously this guy sounds just like Christian Slater that it’s really scary #HResurrection

So… Many… Reality… TV… References… #HResurrection

Halloween Resurrection Rudy

So the only characteristics that Sean Patrick Thomas’ character has is that he cooks and likes big kitchens? Okay #HResurrection

So… Michael likes fresh herbs? #HResurrection

“You have great legs, what time do they open?” *Gives him the finger* “Is that one o’clock?” I have to admit, that was funny #HResurrection

That’s not a knife, that’s a bloody sword! #HResurrection

Baby seat jump scare! #HResurrection

Thomas Ian Nicholas is being very creepy in this scene #HResurrection

Is just me but, other than two characters, all the guys in this film are total creepy sleaze bags? #HResurrection

Okay, any movie that has a white guy dress up as Jules from PULP FICTION gets a bonus point in my book  #HResurrection

It’s pretty clear that these kid’s voices are dubbed over #HResurrection

What’s with these weird subliminal images of Michael Myers sprinkled though out the film?  #HResurrection

Oh, no. Thomas Ian Nicholas is being a creepy sleazebag again #HResurrection

Hey, don’t worry Thomas Ian Nicholas. You can check out her boobs in RIDDICK #HResurrection

Yeah, I don’t care if he plays for the football team, a fat guy like him wouldn’t be able to pick up a hot woman like her #HResurrection

Plus she seemed pretty eager to watch the reality show quite quickly than make out with him  #HResurrection


“Do you think of anything else but food” Nope. Food and cooking is the only motivation his character has #HResurrection

You know for someone who has a *special appearance by* credit, Sean Patrick Thomas is in this film a lot. #HResurrection

I guess he is the Heather Locklear of the HALLOWEEN series #HResurrection

Not only does Michael like to smash though doors, he likes to smash though mirrors as well #HResurrection

Hey! It’s the Jason Mewes look-a-like from FREDDY VS. JASON! #HResurrection

Trivia: Kyle “I’m not Jason Mewes” Labine is the only actor appear in a Michael Myers, Jason Voorhess and Freddy Kruger #HResurrection

Also his older brother is actor Tyler Labine of TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL fame #HResurrection

Yeah, I think if there was a Sarah Polley look-a-like competition, this girl would win hands down  #HResurrection

Yeah, there’s nothing worse than a stupid person who thinks that they are smart #HResurrection

So basically if you don’t want to be killed by Michael Myers, just tell go somewhere else and he well? Rrrriiiggghhhtttt… #HResurrection

I think the people behind the next FRIDAY THE 13TH film should watch this film and see why found-footage angle won’t work #HResurrection

Michael Myers likes eating rats. Ewww! #HResurrection

Why does Michael Myers mask look like Ray Liotta’s face? #HResurrection

Uh, oh. Their smoking a bong. They are definitely going to die now #HResurrection

Man, that’s a lot of pot smoke. They have been smoking with Cheech & Chong #HResurrection

You know what? Busta makes a good spot on point about how reality TV works here. Even though we already knew that. #HResurrection

Even though I’ve never done it but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be cut off someone’s head in one swoop with a kitchen knife #HResurrection


I like how Michael is like, “screw this! I’m gonna crush this head instead of stabbing him!” #HResurrection

Umm… Run?! #HResurrection

You know for a skinny guy? Michael Myers is pretty strong #HResurrection

Sean Patrick Thomas! NNNNOOOOoooo… #HResurrection

“She’s a very talented actress” Umm, no. She isn’t #HResurrection

Yeah, so Miles message her to not to scream and what’s the first thing she does? Screams. Dumb arse #HResurrection

The big showdown is coming: Michael Myers vs. Busta Rhymes. Whoever wins, we lose.  #HResurrection

Busta Rhymes just karate kicked Michael Myers. This film has jumped the shark! #HResurrection

I like how Busta says “hiya!” every time he kicks Michael #HResurrection


I think having the crap kicked out of him by Busta Rhymes may be the most embarrassing moment in Michael’s life #HResurrection

Stupid Miles! Couldn’t he have just told Michael was right behind them! #HResurrection

I like how the film goes into slow motion, and then goes back into fast motion a few seconds later  #HResurrection

Oh, crying out load. Now they are just using stock footage of Michael from previous scenes now #HResurrection


Dammit movie! How dare you deprived us of an awesome Tyra Banks death scene! #HResurrection

She’s using a chainsaw to fight Michael? Hell yeah! #HResurrection

Dammit! She barely even cuts Michael with the chainsaw, how disappointing  #HResurrection

Oh, please. You can easily push that small table of your leg #HResurrection

Busta Rhymes just electrocuted Michael Myers in the crouch… I have no words for this  #HResurrection


Did Michael Myers just moan? #HResurrection

Geez, there’s literally nothing left of the house now #HResurrection

How long has this party been going on for? #HResurrection

Dan Hedaya? #HResurrection

Yeah, who didn’t see this ending coming? #HResurrection

I think the film should’ve ended with Laurie Strode waking up and discovering that this film was all a dream. #HResurrection

It would have definitely have been much, much, much, much, much, MUCH better. #HResurrection

I hope everyone enjoyed reading this 6th edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon! Keep a look out in a few weeks for the next one which will be either on the following three films: BREAKIN’, GIGLI and POWER RANGERS: THE MOVIE. Which one will it be? Vote on the poll which will be posted here on soon!

– Bede Jermyn


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