Armageddon Expo 2013 – Wrestling Photos!

Every year Armageddon Expo presents several wrestling shows, this year was no different however there was a match that was a little more unusual.

MonsterFest presented the show, and some how a match was put together with KrackerJak against the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader!

Check out KrackerJak calling out Darth Vader in the video below, and then proceed to check out the photos from the afternoon’s three matches!

Wrestling 01

Wrestling 02

Wrestling 03

Wrestling 04

Wrestling 05

Wrestling 06

Wrestling 07

Wrestling 08

Watch KrackerJak vs. Darth Vader and then enjoy the photos!

Wrestling 09

Wrestling 10

Wrestling 11

Wrestling 12

Wrestling 13

Wrestling 14

Wrestling 15

Wrestling 16

Wrestling 17

Wrestling 18

Wrestling 19

Wrestling 20

Wrestling 21

Wrestling 22

Wrestling 23

Wrestling 24

Wrestling 25

Wrestling 26

Wrestling 27

Wrestling 28

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