Bede’s Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon #3: Batman & Robin

Hey everyone! Welcome to my 3rd edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon series. Two weeks ago over the Facebook page I posted up poll with three bad movies and I said that whichever one out of those three films had the highest votes, I would watch and live-tweet for this column. Well, the votes are in and you all have spoken. It was a close race between two particular film but one film won out in the end by a single vote! For this instalment of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon, you guys wanted me to watch and live-tweet… BATMAN & ROBIN! Will I start making ice puns like Mr. Freeze? Will I be disturbed by the bat nipples? Read on and find out! Enjoy!


Bede @BedeJermyn


It’s funny how 3 of the main stars in the film basically had careers nearly destroyed by this film #batman

Man, where not even two minutes in and the film has already jump the shark #batman

Yeah, I think the bat arse is far more disturbing than the bat nipples #batman

The amount of time it takes the Batmobile rise up from the ground, Gotham City would have already been destroyed #batman

The real reason why Alfred became unwell just now is because of how horrible the line he just said was #batman

Akiva Goldsmith *hiss* #batman

Joel Schumacher *hiss* #batman

They must have used a lot of plastic to create that ice #batman

Arnie is nothing but a walking, talking ice pun machine #batman

I don’t know how Batman slide down a dinosaur but whatever #batman

Arnie has been onscreen for not even two minutes and he has already made 50 ice pun related quotes #batman

How the fuck did Robin’s bike make the Robin symbol when he came crashing through the door?! #batman

So Mr. Freeze’s henchmen are a rolling band of Casey Jones’s in snow gear? #batman

I’m really surprised that Sub Zero from MORTAL KOMBAT wasn’t a henchman of Mr. Freeze #batman

They should have things like *ZAP* KAPOW* *SMACK* *BORT* on the screen during this fight scene #batman

Where on Earth did the Bat ice skates come from? #batman


I’m pretty sure it was a comet that killed the Dinosaurs, Mr. Freeze #batman

I guess using cartoon sound effects in this scene makes sense since this film is already a bad cartoon anyway #batman

Did I just see an bit of ice just flap around on it’s own? #batman

Arnie is enjoying this role way too much #batman

It’s a good thing that Batman had a heat-ray gun on him #batman

Sky surfing! #batman

You know this film was made in the 90’s cause people said ‘cowabunga’ at the time #batman

For some bizarre reason they are running through Joel Schumacher’s cocaine vault #batman

So wouldn’t Robin be dead since you can’t breathe through ice? #batman

I like how Batman can pick up frozen Robin pretty easily. He’s not heavy at all #batman

Meanwhile on the JURASSIC PARK island… #batman

Uma Thurman doesn’t know the meaning of the word subtlety in this film  #batman

I stand corrected: the actor who plays the Doctor doesn’t know the meaning of the word subtlety either #batman


Bane is clearly not Gotham’s reckoning in this film #batman

It’s weird: when Uma Thurman is good, she can be really good. But when she is bad, she can be really, really, really, REALLY bad #batman

Umm… Did the Doctor just quote a line from TROLL 2? #batman

Despite the crappiness that surrounds this film, Michael Gough still gives a really good performance as Alfred #batman

I don’t know how Poison Ivy can rise out of the ground like that but whatever #batman

Yeah, I think if you are going to do a Batman film, don’t use the 60’s TV show as a template for it #batman

Bane has been holding that same flexing his muscles pose for a few hours now #batman


Hello Vivica A. Fox *re-ow* #batman

Also how can Fox not be cold in that outfit? #batman

lol Mr. Freeze’s fridge is filled with ice cream and frozen TV dinners lol #batman

Yeah, I think if anyone’s career was ruined by this film, it’s definitely Alicia Silverstone. #batman

Which is a shame since she was so good in CLUELESS #batman

So… How come Barbara doesn’t speak with a British accent? #batman

Awkward silence #batman

Barbara has too much of a tan to come from Britain #batman

Meanwhile on the Universal backlot… #batman

Hmmm… I wonder if they cast Elle MacPherson in this film since Nicole Kidman wasn’t available #batman

I can’t believe I’m going to say this: Elle MacPherson gives a much better performance than Uma Thurman #batman

Man, Elle MacPherson’s outfit is really bright pink #batman

I wonder if Poison Ivy was the one who made all the trees start killing people in THE HAPPENING? #batman

Oh, geez. First Arnie starts doing ice puns, now Uma is now doing plant puns. #batman

This film is nothing but one big pun #batman

It’s funny seeing Arnie trying to *really* act. It’s hilarious lol  #batman

All of a sudden, the film has turned into the Broadway version of THE LION KING #batman

So… How on Earth does Robin’s mask stay on his face? #batman

J. Jonah Jameson?! You’re in the wrong comic book film. #batman

Yeah, there is nothing sexier than seeing a woman strip from a Gorilla costume. Not! #batman


“My garden needs tending”. Worst come on line ever? #batman

In the words of the Nostalgia Critic: “A bat credit card? A bat credit card?! A BAT CREDIT CARD?!!!!” #batman

Where would you get a bat credit card anyway? #batman

Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy: when one bad pun machine meets another bad pun machine #batman

Stop with the cartoon sound effects please! #batman

I like how Batman’s voice is exactly the same as Bruce Wayne’s. Seriously, Clooney doesn’t even try to change the voice  #batman

You know other than MEN IN BLACK, 1997 really wasn’t a good year for comic book films #batman

You know I would have liked to have seen Tom Hardy’s Bane wearing a Gorilla suit in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES #batman

So is Chris O’Donnell playing Robin or Anakin Skywalker? #batman

Michael Gough. Class act. #batman

Barbara is only just getting home just now? Has she been gone for a few days or what? #batman


I’m surprised that Jesse Ventura didn’t say to Mr. Freeze: “I ain’t got time to freeze”. #batman

Bane looks like has dressed up as Rorschach from WATCHMEN in this scene #batman

I never seen so much neon in my entire life #batman

Just like Bruce Wayne, George Clooney can’t settle down and marry a woman either #batman

There’s a group of guys dressed up as Alex from A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. Not only does this film insult Batman but it insults Stanley Kubrick as well. #batman

You can definitely tell that this film is from the 90’s cause rapper Coolio has a cameo in it #batman

I think I haven’t seen this much Dutch angles in a film since BATTLEFIELD EARTH #batman

The subplot with Alfred dying is definitely the only decent part of the whole film #batman

Even when his beloved butler is dying, Bruce Wayne can’t stop smiling. #batman

OMG Uma Thurman hairdo looks like she is wearing Madonna’s pointed bras on her head lol #batman

Arklam Asylum: where all the costumes of previous BATMAN villains are stored #batman

lol A guard just flew back before Bane even hit him with his trolley lol  #batman

“I’ll help you grab your rocks”. If Poison Ivy isn’t making any plant puns, she makes sexual innuendos instead #batman

“Always winterize your piples”. Thanks goodness Mr. Freeze said that instead saying something in the vain of ‘cleaning your pipes’ #batman

Yeah, if you fell from that height, you would be dead #batman

It’s funny that Michael Gough gives his best performance as Alfred in the entire series in this film #batman

Most obvious hideout ever #batman


I think those diamond give Mr. Freeze the power to do his ice puns #batman

Oh, man. This film has become a toy commercial. Poison Ivy just endorsed her own action figure #batman

These are the fakest looking ice cubes I have ever seen #batman

Robin has been slimed #batman

The badness of this film is slowing killing Alfred #batman

Michael Gough really can’t stand Alicia Silverstone’s acting in this scene #batman

This scene is really unrealistic. People would not be that excited for a telescope, no matter how big it is #batman

Why does Commissioner Gordon have an Irish accent all of a sudden. #batman

I think Mr. Freeze makes about a billion ice puns in this film #batman

I like how the computer uses a sexy voice once Barbara breaks into Alfred’s secret disk #batman

You know for finding out that Bruce & Dick are Batman & Robin, Barbara doesn’t seem to be shocked by this #batman


I like how every time Bruce says Dick’s name, it sounds like an insult lol #batman

Rifftrax were right, Bane does sound like he says ‘bong’ instead of ‘bomb’ #batman

Joel Schumacher definitely likes to focus on Alicia Silverstone’s arse a lot as she changing into her Batgirl costume #batman

I can get why no one could figure out who Batman is but when it comes to Robin, it’s pretty easy to figure out who he is #batman

My friend is Harrison is right, Uma Thurman is basically playing a drag queen in this film #batman

Even though Uma Thurman is so over-the-top, I do have to admire her commitment to the role. Even if her performance is pretty bad #batman

Stop being the PC police, Batman #batman

Where’s Iceman from the X-Men when you need him? #batman

Where did these new Batman, Robin & Batgirl costumes come from? Did they go back to the Bat cave and change before going back to save the city? #batman

It’s a good thing that Batman had all these bat ice vehicles just in case for an event like this #batman

I’m pretty sure those frozen people are dead, Batman. No heaters are going to save them #batman

There’s a lot of defying gravity moments in this film #batman

While BATMAN & ROBIN is a bad film but it definitely wasn’t the worst comic book film made in 1997 *cough* STEEL and SPAWN *cough* #batman

Wait a second: Batman has turned the freeze ray into a heat ray to save Gotham. Doesn’t he realize he’s going to burn everyone alive #batman

What’s the point of all the silver plating on the bat suits? There’s reason for them being on them at all #batman


“Freeze in Hell, Batman!” That line doesn’t make any sense at all. Just like everything else that’s in the film #batman

OMG Batman and Robin have cod pieces on their outfits lol. Did they steal them from the 1995 JUDGE DREDD film? #batman

He said computer genius, Robin. Which you clearly aren’t #batman

Just like the scene of the dog pissing on the fire hydrant, this film pisses all over Batman #batman

It’s a good thing that Mr. Freeze has the cure for Alfred’s disease on him #batman

Man, almost being by a giant Venus fly trap really traumatized Poison Ivy #batman

OMG Poison Ivy is ripping the petals of a flower! Hypocrite! Plant killing hypocrite! #batman

How the Hell did Poison Ivy not notice that Mr. Freeze was in her cell? It would be a bit hard not to miss him #batman

Mr. Freeze should have said, ‘winter is coming’ instead of ‘winter has come at last’. #batman

Bruce is still making Dick’s name sound like an insult lol #batman

Don’t worry, Alfred. I’m pretty sure Bruce can use his bat credit car to buy a bigger bat cave #batman


The last shot of the film that hints at a sequel, thankfully never happened #batman

Wait, Doug Hutchinson played a character named Golum in this film?! #batman

Wow! Nicky Katt appeared in this film as well! So means that he is the only actor to appear in two separate BATMAN franchises #batman

Well, that’s the end of the film. While I don’t think it’s the worst comic book ever made (hello, STEEL) but it’s still pretty bad #batman

However the best thing I can say about the film is that it gave us an absolutely awesome and kick arse Smashing Pumpkins song! #batman

I hope everyone enjoyed reading this 2nd edition of my Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon! Keep a look out in a few weeks for the next one which will be either on the following three films: HOUSE OF THE DEAD, MORTAL KOMBAT: ANNIHILATION or NINJA III: THE DOMINATION . Which one will it be? Go to the Facebook page and vote on the poll!


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