Interview: Noah Hathaway (Sushi Girl)


Thank you to Lionel from the Supanova Expo who organised this interview I conducted with Noah Hathaway, about his new film SUSHI GIRL.

SUSHI GIRL hits Australian stores on June 20th, you can read my 5/5 review right here. For details on the release, please check out Gryphon Entertainment.

Download File HERE

The interview was wonderful, and I am so glad to be sharing it with you, and many thanks to Noah for taking the time out to have a chat.



One thought on “Interview: Noah Hathaway (Sushi Girl)

  1. if this email gets out I hope that Noah is in good health and at an intrest on working with other actors like Dayle Dye a former marine and actor R Lee Ernie also a former Marine such great talented people that did great horror movies especialy Ernie in texas chain saw massicare what i would really like is for him to work with Bryan anderson an iraq war veteran who was wonded do not consider him as disabled for he is not you will be surprised an actor him self in CSI Miami great actors perhaps oneday Noah Hathaway would be able to come to the valley and do comic convention here in weslaco it will be great in the RIO GRAND VALLEY


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