Super Podcast Ep 108 – Let’s talk films, Cinemaniacs and Star Trek

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Super Podcast Ep 108 – Let’s talk films, Cinemaniacs and Star Trek


Super Marcey and the Terrible Australian Bede Jermyn are back for another installment of Super Podcast, they are not alone as site contributor Bea Harper makes her return! Plus Lee Gambin from Cinemaniacs stops by for a chat.

Highlights Include:

* The team talk about films they have recently watched

* For some reason The Master Of Disguise gets talked about

* Bea watched Basic Instinct 2 … ouch

* Marcey urges everyone to see the documentary Head Games

* At the 48 minute mark Lee Gambin stops by to talk about Cinemaniacs and their upcoming Jaws 2 screening.

* Things get crazy when we review (spoilers) Star Trek Into Darkness and Marcey gets MAD


(Be sure to join is for the Jaws 2 screening, at Nova Cinemas on June 16th!)

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