Why Does It Exist? The Scary Movie Sequels


Why Does It Exist? is a new column here at SuperMarcey.com that questions why something in film and/or television exists when it probably shouldn’t. Straight forward huh? Let’s go ….

Why Does Scary Movie Have Sequels?

The mid to late 90’s saw a huge revamp of the dire horror genre, thanks to a little film called Scream. Almost every horror film that came out after that wanted to be another Scream, they wanted to copy the formula that made it work. It was all about the teens and the masked up killer, they wanted to be hip and happening. Films like I Know What You Did Last Summer and Urban Legend were popping up all over the place, it almost became too much.


This all gave way to Scary Movie, a spoof on the genre as it sat in the late 90’s. Spoof movies can be great, classics like Spaceballs and Airplane come to mind. Scary Movie while not on that level was pretty funny and it some how worked for the most part. It bragged that it would have no sequel, it was too cool for that. Money talks and sequels were in fact made, and boy were they awful! This also made way for a bunch of other spoof films, and that is a topic for a future column.

The Scary Movie sequels were rather uninspired and half the time they seemed to have no idea what they wanted to spoof or even why they were spoofing them. Just because it worked once, does not mean it will work again. Horror is an ever changing genre, there is lots there to work with but these films had no clue. It’s not funny. It’s just stupidity for the running time, it isn’t clever or even relevant for the most part. It isn’t really even about spoofing horror films so much as it is about making fun of the currently celebrities in the media or what is popular. These things get forgotten about so easily that I am sure a lot of people have a hard time remembering what exactly they are mocking.


It honestly should have ended with Scary Movie as promised, we did not need any more than that. The sequels just got worse and worse, and in 2013 we will likely see the worst one yet with another useless money bait sequel to the poor and pathetic franchise. Do yourself a favour, enjoy the first one and pretend the others do not exist, because quite honestly they shouldn’t!


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