[Graphic Novel Review] The Deep: Vanishing Island

TheDeepVanishingIslandAuthor: Tom Taylor
Artist: James Brouwer

Review: From the moment I finished The Deep: Here Be Dragons I knew I wanted more, the book had left off on a hint that there would be another. So when Vanishing Island was announced, I was very excited and I have been eagerly awaiting the book. Now that it is finally here, I can safely say it was well worth the wait! Tom Taylor and James Brouwer have delivered another fantastic adventure with the Nekton family.

The story begins with a very strange event, an island some how manages to avoid a tsunami. The Nekton family head over to investigate and right away something isn’t quite right. What could possibly be going on? Will the family solve the mystery? Will Ant Nekton continue to be such a fun character? Well naturally you will need to read the book! Here be no spoilers.

The Deep: Vanishing Island is a pleaser, it delivers exactly what fans of the first book have craved and then some. It presents an intriguing mystery and one that will certainly keep you guessing, I was very surprised as the story unfolded. Tom Taylor has yet again written an engaging story with wonderful characters and a very unique setting. He knows how to craft an adventure, and it is clear he has a lot of passion for the story and these characters.


The panels and pages really come alive with his words, and the amazing artwork by James Brouwer, who yet again does a marvellous job. The pair here are perfect, Brouwer knows exactly how to bring the story to life and has quite the talent for the aquatic aspect. I relished in taking the time to absorb the images instead of rushing through to see what happens. I really become immersed in this world, and I honestly did not want it to end.

This is definitely on par with the first adventure, it is just as exciting and it is great to be back with these wonderful characters. Of course, I do want more as I just love this world that has been created and I love spending time with the Nekton’s. If you have not yet discovered The Deep, do yourself a favour and get on it – you’ll be happy you did.

Have Faith In The Fish


You can purchase The Deep: Vanishing Island through Gestalt Comics – www.gestaltcomics.com/product/graphic-novels/the-deep-vol-2-the-vanishing-island/ or through Madman – www.madman.com.au/catalogue/view/18534


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