DVD Review: God Bless America [MA15]

God_Bless_AmericaDVDDirector: Bobcat Goldthwait
Starring: Joel Murray, Tara Lynne Barr, Larry Miller

The Film:
Last year at MIFF (Melbourne International Film Festival) I had to opportunity to check out a sit down Q&A with Bobcat Goldthwait. I got to meet him afterwards and I told him that I loved God Bless America and it really spoke to me. The look on his face and his reaction said it all, he was happy that it did and he knew I really got the film.

The film is about a mid 40’s divorced man Frank (Joel Murray), who has nothing much left in life. He finds out he has a brain tumour, gets fired from his job and basically loses it and he kills the spoiled star of a reality TV show. This event is witnesses by Roxy (Tara Lynne Barr), who wants to join him on this rampage he’s started. There is an obvious age gap and Frank does what he can to actually keep that aspect above board while on a killing spree to rid America of what they consider scum.

This is a very relevant film, and perhaps even more controversial due to recent tragic events in the US. However this film isn’t just about spree killing, and it certainly doesn’t condone doing that either. It looks at the state of society, and how much time gets invested in celebrity and how desperate people are to get their 15 minutes of fame. Yes this is a social commentary, and a very in your face one, done with the darkest of humour.

I think Bobcat has crafted a very smart and engaging film, the script and his direction are sharp. The film is owned by its amazing lead actors, Joel Murray is fantastic and certainly shows what he is capable of. Tara Lynne Barr took what could have been an annoying character and made her something else. While the film has a few oddities (the time line seems all over the place and it was distracting), it worked for me and I really got a lot out of it. Highly recommended viewing.

Reviewers Note: This review is a mini-review, and not a full-length review due to my on-going health and medical issues. Unfortunately for now my reviews will be brief, it is the only way I can bring you reviews at all. Thanks for your understanding and support

The Australian DVD:
The DVD I reviewed was a screener, so I am unable to comment on Picture/Audio quality.

The Extra features include Behind the Scenes, God Bless TV, Deleted / Extended Scenes, Outtakes, Interviews, HDNet Look, Music Video, Feature Commentary (Unpreviewed)


DVD details here.

Thanks to Bill, care of Eagle Entertainment for the copy.


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