[AFFFF ’13] Mini Review: Journal de France & Welcome Aboard


Mini Review: Journal de France


Directors: Raymond Depardon, Claudine Nougaret
| Documentary | 100 mins | 2012 | PG

I absolutely love documentaries; I will watch them whether or not I know anything about the subject. A sign of a good documentary is one that engages the audience and provides an interesting story to tell. Journal de France is a little different, however it is well worth the time to visit.

The film was made by photojournalist Raymond Depardon, who along with his life partner Claudine Nougaret (also his collaborator) by his side. It is about Depardon and his methods of photography but also his history, with images and footage from the past and little seen archival stuff.

If you are a Depardon fan, then this is clearly a must see. However I would also recommend taking this ride if you’ve never heard of him because this is fascinating and quite honestly beautiful stuff. This is a very well made and passionate film; there is so much here and lots to take in. The images you get to see in this film will definitely stay with you, and you get to take a glimpse of France through the eyes of Depardon.


Mini Review: Welcome Aboard (Bienvenue parmi nous)


Director: Jean Becker
Cast: Patrick Chesnais, Jeanne Lambert, Miou-Miou, Jacques Weber, Xavier Gallais, Raphaëline Goupilleau
| Comedy, Drama | 90 mins | 2012 | M

Welcome Aboard is making its Australian Premiere at this years French Film Festival, and it is a rather good film and one that I enjoyed quite a bit. This ends up being a heart-warming film, with a nice amount of comedy as well.

The film’s focus is Taillandier (Patrick Chesnais) a man in his 60’s, who has lost hope with the world. He takes off and by chance meets the teenaged Marilou (Jeanne Lambert) who has been kicked out of home. The pair travel together, he isn’t so keen on the idea of taking in a stray but they do start to form a bond, despite the crazy age gap.

The film boasts two really great performances, and notably a very strong one from the debuting Lambert. The characters share the right chemistry, and they definitely worked well off each other. Jean Becker has made a really pleasant film, and while this could have been something run-of-the-mill it actually feels rather fresh.


Reviewers Note: These reviews are mini-reviews, and not full-length reviews due to my on-going health and medical issues. Unfortunately for now my reviews will be brief, it is the only way I can bring you reviews at all. Thanks for your understanding and support.

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