DVD Review: Extracted [M15]

extracted-dvdDir: Nir Paniry
Starring: Sasha Roiz, Jenny Mollen, Nick Jameson

The Film:
I love sci-fi, I have ever since I was little kid. I am always on the look out for interesting sci-fi films, and I do often have to look towards independent cinema for a decent fix.

It seems the ideas are usually there, good ones at that and their execution can either be excellent or never quite achieving their goal. I am happy to report that Extracted (or Extraction) certainly achieves its goals and I really liked this film.

Yes this does share similarities with the likes of say Minority Report and Strange Days; it certainly has its own unique flavour thanks to writer/director Nir Paniry. The story here is about a scientist Tom (Sasha Roiz) who develops a device that can let a person enter someone’s memory. He needs more funds for this, gets involved with the justice department and they then use it to enter the memory of a murderer (innocent or guilty?) Anthony (Dominic Bogart). Our main man winds up in Anthony’s memories … and do I really need to say more?

It is a really nicely written and directed piece, which really impressed me and certainly elevated a film that could have easily been a rehash of other such films. The central performance from Sasha Roiz is excellent, I was very taken in by his performance and I enjoyed being with him for this ride. I really liked what this film had to offer and I certainly hope it finds an audience.

Reviewers Note: This review is a mini-review, and not a full-length review due to my on-going health and medical issues. Unfortunately for now my reviews will be brief, it is the only way I can bring you reviews at all. Thanks for your understanding and support.

The Australian DVD 
The DVD I reviewed was a screener, so I am unable to comment on Picture/Audio quality.


DVD details here.

Thanks to Bill care of Accent Film Entertainment for the copy.


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