Comic Review: Injustice – Gods Among Us #1


Written By: Tom Taylor
Pencils: Jheremy Raapack (pgs 1-15), Mike S. Miller (pgs 21-30), Axel Gimenez (pgs 16-20)
Inks: Jheremy Raapack (pgs 1-15), Mike S. Miller (pgs 21-30), Marc Deering (pgs 16-20)
Colours: Andrew Elder
Letters: Wes Abbott
Issue #1 Cover: Jheremy Raapack and Tony Avina

Review: With my gaming consoles dating back to the 80’s and 90’s (aside from the Gen 1 Wii) I don’t often get to play new games. I long for something better, or for Mac’s to actually handle being a gaming machine (ha!). So needless to say that comics based around games aren’t something I usually delve into. I am not someone who doesn’t like gaming; in fact I was a heavy gamer back when I had a PC and a PS2. Money just doesn’t allow me to indulge in that passion, so why then did I feel the need to pick up Injustice: Gods Among Us the prequel to the game coming out this April? Well for starters it is DC and features characters I love and secondly the writer of this is Tom Taylor, an Australian treasure in the writing community.

I met Tom back in 2009 at the Supanova Convention, bought his work and was immediately sold on his talents. Since then, Tom has written Star Wars stories and his own baby The Deep (just to name a few), he has been a busy boy. I was rather excited that he was going to be writing this, and it felt like a good fit for him. Those instincts proved to be correct, because Injustice: Gods Among Us is absolutely fantastic, and I am sure it will surprise many because it feels more than just a game prequel.

Our story takes place here mostly 5 years prior to what I imagine is where the game is to be set. The future we see at the beginning does not look good, one of our heroes has changed drastically and we are going on a journey to find out how and why. Our central story here of 5 years earlier focuses on Superman, who is happy with Lois Lane and their relationship seems to be heading into a serious direction. Meanwhile the Justice League are dealing with troubles from The Joker (not a spoiler, he’s on the cover). But something tragic happens and I don’t think anything can prepare our characters or us as readers for what is to come.


Gods Among Us #1 feels like some kind of Shakespearian tragedy, which makes the stage feel so grand that it some how works. This is a story that is taking the ultimate risk, and for me it paid off and I can’t wait for more. What we have here isn’t based in any DC universe I’ve read, it seems to really be its own thing and I do believe that is a very good thing. It doesn’t need to be confined to anything, which allows for unlimited areas of where to go (well the end game is well the game, but this story allows the game to be extreme different with its story).

Tom Taylor again exceeds with his words, his writing is nothing short of excellent and yes it was heartbreaking. He really crafted something special here, and all I wanted was more, more, more. The artwork is great; with three different men working on the pencils it is a nice experience to see their different styles flow. Major kudo’s go to Mike S. Miller whose final pages really come to life to tell this story and left me reeling.

Whether or not you plan to play the game, you really need to read this comic! It is one of the best things I have read and experienced for quite some time, and it is a breath of fresh air for these characters. I can’t wait to pick up Issue #2, hold it in my hands and see where this story is going.



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