DVD Review: Peter Helliar – Snazzy [MA15]

Snazzy-DVD1Starring: Peter Helliar

Warehouse Comedy Festival Show: So I have been a fan of Peter Helliar’s for quite a few years, going on around 10 perhaps. He’s made me laugh consistently, and I thought he was one of the weekly highlights on Rove back in the day. I’ve enjoyed seeing him on TV, and I’ve seen a bit of his stand-up before. I was actually rather stoked earlier this year to find out he was co-hosting the Bobcat Goldthwait panel at this years MIFF, it was a great event and I got to meet Peter and he couldn’t have been nicer (see picture here).

I was really excited when I saw Peter’s Snazzy DVD in the MadMan catalogue as part of the Warehouse Comedy Festival and I couldn’t wait to watch it. After having now seen it I can safely say that it is pure comedy GOLD! I had a great time watching the show, I think at one point I slipped off my couch laughing (thanks to a little word – vagpits).

When I watch stand-up, I don’t always expect it to hit the money, because we do all have a different sense of humour. It is great however when the person can be consistent and Peter sure was in this. I found everything to be really funny and entertaining, never was there a dull moment. I loved the way he swung the story about Channel 9 and Excess Baggage and oh boy I want a ham steak now! The naughty boys home stuff was fantastic, I think that is something we’ve all been through, I think I was threatened with a naughty kids home at one point in my childhood.

I do enjoy the style that Peter has for his stand-up and his sense of humour is very much on par with my own, which is why I think I became a fan in the first place. There is a lot to enjoy with this show; I think it will appeal to the fans like myself but also to those unfamiliar with his work. It’s not tame stuff, there is honesty to his work that is great and other stuff is awesomely awkward. I loved it. Highly recommended from me.

The Australian DVD 
Audio/Video: The video is presented in 16:9 anamorphic widescreen. Audio is presented with Dolby Digital Audio 2.0.

I found the video and audio to be really top notch, it is all nice and clear and vibrant – exactly how you want your stand-up comedy on DVD. Nice job there.

* A Bit Of Snazzy

The extra feature here is really great, it runs at around 40 minutes. It was filmed in Peter’s parent’s house just before they were ready to move, and funny it isn’t too far from where I am. It was interesting to hear about the method to his madness aka how he prepares for a show and where the jokes/stories come from. It is a really great insight into how he works, and there’s probably some really good advice for people who want to get into the comedy business. Well worth checking it.

Overall Rating


Thanks to Ben from MadMan for his support.

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