[Review] Pitch Perfect (2012)

pitch-perfect-posterYes, I am a fan of Glee and yes I enjoy films and television shows set in High School or College. What Glee and Pitch Perfect offer that I also like is music but music done in a different way. Pitch Perfect does what Glee does and gives us songs we know performed with a twist and like Glee we even get mash ups. Both of these things are quirky, but that is where those comparisons end. Pitch Perfect isn’t trying to be Glee, it is its own thing and I had a lot of fun with it.

Yes the film is full of clichés and you’ll know where it is headed from the beginning but it is actually a fun ride to take. We have Beca (Anna Kendrick) who is a freshman at a College, she is basically getting a free ride there and her father wants her to join a group. She winds up joining the all-girl singing group The Bellas after senior member Chloe (Brittany Snow) hears her singing in the shower. The Bellas are now a joke, so they band together a unique group in the hopes of winning the competition they lost the year before. The group under the leadership of Aubrey (Anna Camp) is boring; can Beca and they new recruits bring some life to it?


I did have a really fun time with this film, I love Anna Kendrick who is really great here as Beca. Her character isn’t entirely likeable but that is what kind of works, and by the end she’s reformed and has won our hearts. I want my heart won by Ms Kendrick, and the girl really elevated her role. I also love Brittany Snow and I was happy to see her in something like this where she can actually shine. She is adorable as Chloe, and her execution was spot on each time. Anna Camp worked as Aubrey, and yes I wanted to slap her often through the film so I’d say that is a job well done. I love Rebel Wilson; I spent a good portion of the early and mid 00’s watching her on TV. She did win me over on The Wedge, and I was really happy to see her branch out and get work in the US. Her humour isn’t for everyone, and here it is her typical schlock but I loved it. She made me laugh constantly and she had a great repour with the cast.

Pitch Perfect isn’t revolutionary by any means, but it is a fun and enjoyable film. It is about time a film like this came along, I just don’t feel we get many fun and well made comedies like this anymore. What happened to the Legally Blonde type comedies? Oh they try, but they usually fail miserably. Pitch Perfect as far as I am concerned did its job, and the music was great. I loved the mixes and the performances were really entertaining. You could do much worse, so see this instead and have fun.


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