Bede’s Movie Exchange Club November Blog-A-Thon Video Review #4: M. Butterfly (1993)

What’s a Blog-a-thon? This blog-a-thon is a challenge, its participants have chosen films the other has not seen to watch and review.

November Blog-a-thon criteria: Hidden 90′s Gems

Why Marcey Chose This Film For Bede: “I am a huge David Cronenberg fan, in fact the man would rank number 2 on my favourite director’s list. Earlier this year Bede and I saw his latest film together Cosmopolis – which left us both feeling very different things. This experience stuck with me when thinking about something to chose for Bede – why not give him an obscure Cronenberg film to watch? So that I did, and M. Butterfly was the choice. It is of course nothing like Cosmopolis, which is why I picked it – but it is also a film that can divide audiences. Will it be one that divides our opinions again? The film is very unique and it does stand out amongst Cronenberg’s filmography. He re-teams with Jeremy Irons, who gives a fantastic performance. I’ll be eager to see what Bede makes of this film.”

Here’s my video review of the film. Enjoy!

Here are all the week 4 reviews for the Blog-A-Thon:

Mike Ewin – (TBA)

A.J. Hakari – DUST DEVIL

Sam Inglis – (TBA)

SuperMarcey – (TBA)

– Bede Jermyn


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