DVD Review: Bellflower [MA15]

Dir: Evan Glodell
Starring: Evan Glodell, Tyler Dawson, Jesse Wiseman

The Film:
It seems like it has been quite awhile since I first heard about Bellflower. When I saw some early images, I immediately knew I wanted to see this. The wait has been a long one, but finally the film has reached our Australian shores. I was very excited to find out it was getting a release here, and needless to say I was giddy with excitement when I pressed play on the DVD. Did Bellflower prove to be worth the wait? Yes, yes it did!

Bellflower basically defines why I love independent cinema; it seemingly came out of nowhere and delivered a damn fine film with a low budget. There is so much energy behind the film, and a passion that was clearly driving it. Writer, director and star Evan Glodell put everything into this – it shows and boy am I thankful. It is always nice to really see the effort in a film, and that is something that shone right through. I am constantly surprised by how much can be achieved with so little, and despite the constraints with a small budget, Glodell and crew really got the most out of it.

The story at hand is actually a kind of love story, a strange one too and its inception happens over a round of live cricket eating. This is very much a character driven piece, even though our characters aren’t quite clear. Our two leads Woodrow (Glodell) and Aiden (Tyler Dawson) spend their free time building weapons for the apocalypse, which includes the muscle car named Medusa. They are strange people, going through this adventure of sorts that seems to fit what we learn about them.

The film certainly foreshadows some dark things, which do hang over the entire piece and for me that worked. The car should definitely go down as one of the most memorable in recent film history. This is a really well acted film, with a passionate script and what I can only imagine was very hands on directing. I had a really good time with this film; it was worth the wait and worthy of the praise.

The Australian DVD 
The DVD I reviewed was a screener, so I am unable to comment on Picture/Audio quality.


DVD details here.

Thanks to Bill care of Accent Film Entertainment for the copy.


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