Who I’d Like To See In Future Bond Films

After having watched 23 straight Bond films, I naturally got to thinking about future Bond films and who I’d like to see in them.

Naturally Daniel Craig won’t be Bond forever, and in a few years I think the crown will be passed on. It isn’t really easy to think of who could be the next Bond, I have some ideas, which you can read below. However my focus always seems to go to the villains, henchmen and or supporting players. Not sure why that is, but for this feature that is where my focus is.

So not in any real order I present to you the people I’d like to see in future Bond films and what sort of role I think they should play. Look out for who I think could be a future Bond, and as my last piece I’ve picked a director who I’d like to see tackle Bond.

Michael Fassbender as James Bond or a Main Villain

At the present time, I think when Daniel Craig hangs up the tux that nobody is more perfect for James Bond than Michael Fassbender.

We all know the man is talented, and he can slip into any sort of role. He has all the traits for Bond, who wouldn’t believe this man as a secret agent? He has the acting chops, the looks, and he has played a sex addict in Shame – so he certainly has that part covered (lol).

If he does not get that role, he also would be the perfect Bond villain. We know he can do that role, the bad guy, the one to go against our hero – even with a paper thin character he can bring so much to the table.

It would be a crime for future Bond films not to include this man.

Nan Yu as a Bond Girl

This woman impressed me so much with her role in The Expendables 2. She was not just another pretty face, she was fierce and she could kick some serious ass.

These are qualities I’d love to see in a future Bond Girl, which is why I loved Michelle Yeoh in Tomorrow Never Dies. It would be rather awesome to have Bond, working with a woman who equals him on some levels and isn’t just there for him to get some s-e-x action (although I wouldn’t complain if they got it on).

Nan Yu is a quality actress, she certainly is charismatic and I’d imagine she’d pull off some might fine fight scenes as well as bring some character.

Min-sik Choi as a Main Villain

When thinking who should play a Bond villain, my first thought was Min-sik Choi. This man is currently (in my opinion) one of the best actors in the world currently, he is an incredibly diverse actor.

I think he could make a spectacular Bond villain, the man can be menacing without even trying. If you have seen his amazing work in Sympathy For Lady Vengeance and I Saw The Devil (for example) you’ll know how he can play a wide range of antagonists. There are many options for what sort of villain he could play, and he would make the perfect foe for Bond.

The man could even turn that image of what makes a villain up side down, the possibilities are endless. His casting in that role, needs to happen – in the next Bond film, I think he could be wonderful against Craig.

Byung-hun Lee as a Villain (Henchman) and/or Bond Allie

Depending on what type of films you watch, people will either know Byung-hun Lee as Storm Shadow from G.I. Joe or the man playing opposite Min-sik Choi in I Saw The Devil. He is a regular in the films of Jee-woon Kim, and he gave an extraordinary performance in A Bittersweet Life.

I would actually cast this man as Min-ski Choi’s henchman, or right hand man. He would be perfect suited to that, and we know these two work wonders together.

I also think he would be perfectly suited as an allie to Bond, and or the allie who betrays him (or vice versa). With this man the possibilities are endless, I could see him creating something special in a Bond film if given the chance.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a Main Villain

I am practically drooling at the thought of Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing the main villain in a Bond film. He is one of the best actors of my generation, a man who is diverse and proved his worth.

The villain role isn’t something we have seen him do much (G.I. Joe aside), and I think he is ripe to tackle that. His look would give him an unsuspecting aura, and I think that could very well make him quite the hard hitter.

I want to see him front and center as the villain, running the show and really being a big obstacle for Bond. My team Bond film, would be Fassbender as Bond and Levitt as the villain. Make this happen!

Aiden Gillen as a 00 Agent

Other ’00’ Agents aren’t seen too often, as 007 is the focus. I think a great supporting character for a film would be a good ’00’ Agent, who is close with Bond. Naturally a story would progress where something happens to him, giving Bond motivation to do something.

I would love to see Aiden Gillen in this role, the man is a fantastic actor and he is able to play any sort of role. I actually can picture him as an Agent, working with Bond (Craig’s Bond would be well suited) and having a strong chemistry.

Unlike what happened in GoldenEye, this ’00’ Agent wouldn’t be a villain or turn on Bond.

Jamie Bell as Bond Allie

I adore Jamie Bell, I think he is an incredibly talented actor, and we just don’t see him enough.

I would love to see him as a supporting character in a Bond film, as one who is an allie to Bond and MI6. He has proved he can be both a good guy and a bad guy (see Retreat), but for some reason I think he’d be suited to being a good guy for Bond.

Whether he teamed with Craig or a future Bond, I think he could be a very cool asset and I can only hope I see his name on a future cast list for an upcoming Bond film.

(Once he hits his mid-30’s and is still acting, I think he could make a good Bond).

Tim Roth as Main Villain or Bond Allie

It actually surprises me that Tim Roth hasn’t been in a Bond film already, really why hasn’t it happened? The man is one of my favourite actors, and I think he is one of the most talented working today.

Roth would make an amazing villain, I very cunning and sly one in my opinion. However I could also see him as a strong allie for Bond as well. Roth can do both roles extremely well, and either or would suit his talents immensely.

I would love to see him in the next Craig film, I think those two would be able to play off each other well in either case.

Paddy Considine as Main Villain or Villain (Henchman)

This man is amazing, and again like the others listed a diverse one. From Dead Man’s Shoes to Hot Fuzz, this man can do anything.

I would love to see him as the big main villain, or a very prominent henchman or right hand man. A character that is on the edge of losing his sanity would suit him, and those sorts tend to be interesting up against Bond.

He is another actor who I would have thought would have made it to a Bond film already, and it would be a crime if he isn’t in a future one. I see very good things in a Bond film with the Considine.

Rupert Friend as Main Villain or Villain (Henchman)

Rupert Friend may be fresh in my mind because he currently has a guest starring role in Homeland, but I have been a fan of his for some time.

He is kind of a chameleon, he can do anything and be anyone. I think he could easily carry a role as the main villain, again like Levitt, I think he would have an unsuspecting aura about him. He would also work as a Henchman or right hand man, he has the ability to act as though he is on the edge.

This is definitely an actor on the rise, and what better way to get there than in a Bond film?

Duncan Jones as Director

I thought long and hard about a director I wanted to see tackle a Bond film, and on top of that list was Duncan Jones.

Jones’ directed the best film of 2009 with Moon, and his follow up Source Code while perhaps not as good, was a pretty impressive effort. I think he has the chops for a Bond film, he can shoot action as well as character driven scenes extremely well.

The man has an amazing eye for visuals, and I do think he could craft a very impressive Bond film.


2 thoughts on “Who I’d Like To See In Future Bond Films

    • Not sure I’ve ever stated I wanted say Min-sik Choi or Nan Yu for example in my bedroom …

      And if you read my list, you’d see I have never once mentioned these actors as being ‘sexy’ or my desire for anything other than wanting to see them in a future Bond film.


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