DVD Review: Polisse [MA15]

Dir: Maïwenn
Starring: Karin Viard, Joey Starr, Marina Foïs, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Maïwenn

The Film:
The first thing that came to mind after I watched Polisse was that it felt like a film version of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – only far more disturbing and hard hitting (although SVU has pushed the boundaries before). Polisse as I understand it was inspired by a documentary on the Child Protection Unit and that shows, this is a very raw film by director, co-writer and star Maïwenn.

The film follows the Parisian Child Protection Unit, who comes across the truly despicable people of this world. It shows a central group and their on-going activities and personal happenings. Enter the photographer Melissa (Maïwenn), who ends up in an affair with Fred a unit member.

This film does feel like it wanted to feel real; by the way it was shot and with that rawness I mentioned. It does feel disjointed a little, with plots weaving through and I felt like I had to pay extra attention. Maïwenn certainly has a juice role to play, and I thought she was mostly very good. The standout for me however was rapper now actor Joeystarr as Fred who I felt was rather impressive.

It has a very dark subject matter, and I think the film does handle it well, with surprising results. Despite its flaws, Polisse is a good and very interesting film that I have no problem recommending to those who aren’t easily turned off by such things.

Reviewers Note: This review is much shorter than my usual ones; the reason being is that I am dealing with an injury and chronic migraines. Sorry for the mini-review and I do hope I can go back to full-length ones in the near future.

The Australian DVD 
The DVD I reviewed was a screener, so I am unable to comment on Picture/Audio quality.


DVD details here.

Thanks to Bill care of Gryphon Entertainment for the copy.


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