Marcey’s Halloween Film Marathon

Every year I have a horror movie marathon to celebrate Halloween, because quite frankly the day hasn’t really taken off in Australia. Some people have parties, and some kids may dress up and ‘Trick or Treat’ or you may find some yards decorated but it mainly goes unnoticed.

So this is my way of celebrating it, and I’ll take any excuse to have a horror film marathon! What am I going to be watching soon? Read on ….

The Ugly

I decided I wanted to start my marathon with a film from NZ I’ve wanted to re-visit for quite some time. This is an excellent film, a very unique addition into the serial killer sub-genre and two years after I first watched it, the film has remained with me. Trust me, you’ll want to try seek this one out.


I love this film, I actually saw it twice in theaters and have visited regularly since. It is such an interesting film, an engaging one and I think the ideas presented are quite frightening. A great directorial effort by star Bill Paxton as well.


I’ve been meaning to re-visit Martin for quite a while, I actually bought a 3-pack of DVD’s just to own it. I fell madly in love with the film, and I do think it will turn into a yearly Halloween tradition. This is my favourite non-zombie Romero flick.

Shadow Of The Vampire

A little strange I haven’t picked either Nosferatu film, but instead one based on an urban legend about the original 1922 film. Starring John Malkovich and Willem Dafoe in career best performances this is easily one of the best genre films and films in general of more recent years.


It is my all time favourite horror film and a Halloween tradition, so yes!

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