[31 Days Of Horror] Mini Reviews: La setta (1991) and The Flesh Eaters (1964)

Mini Review Day 15: La setta (1991) aka The Sect aka The Devil’s Daughter

La setta is the second film on the 31 Days Of Horror list from director Michele Soavi, and it is another really amazing visual film. I would probably put in on par with The Church, but they have very different strengths and weaknesses. The film is rather interesting, and it is mysterious so I was kept engaged for the most part. The subject at hand is one that I do find fascinating, and this was a different approach to it.

Off the bat I almost don’t know how to describe this one, it starts off with a ritual killing in America from a strange group of individuals. We then fast forward a few years and change locations to Frankfurt where more murders happen. We then meet a teacher, who takes in an old man after an accident. But the man doesn’t seem to be there by accident, and something very sinister is at play.

To be honest, at times the film is a bit of a mess and it certainly didn’t need to be this long. But it is held together by a really strong performance by Kelly Curtis and the surrealistic visuals and style. This has commonalities with Rosemary’s Baby, and it is a cross between a giallo and a supernatural thriller, it never tries to define itself as one thing. I enjoyed the film for the most part, it was different and I like the visual way of storytelling that Soavi has applied to his work. La setta certainly wont be for everyone, but I am really glad I got to check it out.


Mini Review Day 16: The Flesh Eaters (1964)

I picked this film for my list blindly, I had no idea what it was about, I just liked the title and cover art. This is a Z-grade film of the 60’s, made for basically no budget and it really makes no sense. Is it awful? No it is actually rather hilarious with how silly it turns out, and I had a decent enough time with it. It looks low budget and it is one of those films where you are sure no one read the script until they started shooting, but it just contains a certain charm about it.

To make things simple, people get stranded on an island, and there is a flesh-eating organism in the water. That is really about it, it does not really contain any actual scares and the flesh eaters look really funny. I can see what they were trying for, but it really doesn’t work for very well. Instead this film turned out like a Troll 2 of the 60’s, it’s insane but you enjoy it anyway. The ending I know was there to try and make a statement but after the wackiness, it falls flat.

The acting is not very good, although you can tell the actors tried but with a script that made no sense there was no salvaging that. The errors here come in numbers and this is oh so ripe for a drinking game. If you are a fan of the Z-grade films of the 60’s, you’ll have a good time with this.


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