’s Armageddon Expo Melbourne 2012 Coverage

For the fourth year in a row I attended the Armageddon Expo in Melbourne, and what else can I say other than it was an absolute blast!

The event I think just shone this year, with an amazing group of staff and volunteers that were on the ball with everything, helpful and just so lovely.

The guests were amazing, and very happy to be in town meeting and interacting with the fans. There were some amazing stalls, with a lot of great talent on display. The set up was possibly the best it had ever been, it was spacious and it never felt too humid. There was an amazing show of costumes, with some truly memorable cosplay happening. While there wasn’t as much cosplay as I had expected, those who did – were remarkable. As per usual the 501st and Mando’s stole the show with their amazing costumes and energy.

The panels that we managed to attend were great, very entertaining and in the case of the one on Sunday morning about the film The 25th Reich, it was very informative. Mark Pellegrino stole the show at his Sunday panel, he was a riot and very interactive with the fans. Even though he seemed a bit tired, he didn’t let it take over and he was a real ball of energy.

Sadly this time I wasn’t able to get any interviews with the guests, as I was sick in bed on the day it was scheduled. But for those I did meet, they were fantastic and very fun. One guest had a constant smile on his face (Christopher Judge), and he was certainly popular amongst fans. That is the kind of spirit you like to see from guests at this event, but he wasn’t the only one always donning a smile. The Supernatural guests had a ball, as did the GoT guests – you didn’t even need to be near them to feel the enthusiasm. Karl Urban the big name of the event was an absolute dream, even with long lines he got through everyone and each person was given the time of day, heck he even made fun of my accent in a playful way. For my personally, it was exciting to finally meet Bruce Boxleitner and Cindy Morgan – being a huge Tron fan. The experience couldn’t have been better, both were just amazing people and it was rather sweet that Bruce remembered me by face and name despite seeing so many people that day.

The crowds were there, and it was pretty steady for most of the weekend. It was made very easy to use tokens purchased online, it saved waiting time and the lines went through rather quickly. The experience really couldn’t have been better, it was nice to meet so many wonderful people whether they were guests, staff, volunteers or attendees.

In all the event was fantastic, and everyone just outdid themselves. I was very happy to cover the event for the website, and we have an amazing array of photos for you all to check out. Special thanks to Locky and Andrée for being completely and utterly awesome!

A big thanks to staff – Daniel McIntosh and Bede Jermyn for all their help.

Armageddon Photo Slideshow

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