10 Reasons Why Your House May Be Haunted

I am sure we have all had those moments where something strange has happened, and it cannot be explained. Or the feeling we aren’t alone in the house, when we know we most definitely are (unless it’s a burglar!). Some films can leave us with a sense of paranoia after what we’ve seen, and this plays on our primal fears.

Are there paranormal activities happening? Could you be living in a haunted house?

I spent most of young life living in a house that certainly felt haunted, I have experienced a few unexplained things.

With the upcoming release of Paranormal Activity 4 on October 18th, I thought perhaps it was time to examine the strange events that can happen in ones place of residence.

I present to you, my 10 Reasons Why Your House May Be Haunted …

1.) Strange/Unexplained Noises

Do you ever hear strange noises? Footsteps when you are alone, strange creaking sounds, scratching noises? Back in my old house I would often hear footsteps and the sound of someone sitting on the couch. This is usually the first thing you experience in an apparent haunting, if it gets worse … you may not want to stick around.

2.) Mysterious Shadows

Ever see a shadow type, that probably shouldn’t be there? A figure or shape that cannot be explained? Those who claim to have suffered hauntings, often experience these things. I know I have caught something in the corner of my eye from time to time which left me … uneasy.

3.) Doors Opening/Closing On Their Own – without a breeze

Do you ever find that doors or cupboards have a mind of their own? They open or shut for no reason, and there is no breeze or wind coming through anything? This has happened to me several times, this experience can be unsettling to say the least. Is it a sign of ghosts or poltergeists moving around the house?

4.) Strange Lights or Mist Appearing

One of the strangest things I have experienced in my current place is mist appearing out of nowhere for a few seconds, and then disappearing. Or I may see a strange light for a second and then it is gone. These things can also appear in photos or video, perhaps there are logical explanations but could these things be ghostly? In my experience, yes!

5.) Strange Animal Behaviour

Is your pet acting strange, does it look like they are listening to nothing? Focusing their attention on something in the house that appears empty? Does your dog bark at absolutely nothing? My old dog would often do this, do they have the supposed sixth sense? Well, you should think twice about the strange behaviour, perhaps you are not alone …

6.) Someone Staring Back At You In The Mirror

Have you ever looked in the mirror and seen something in the mirror that shouldn’t be there? You look back and it’s gone? Mirrors and reflective surfaces can often be windows into something, and they can sometimes reveal what you might not initially see. Freaky!

7.) An Unseen Force Is Holding You Down/Dragging You

If you have ever been held down, or dragged by something you cannot see, or there doesn’t appear to be anyone around, I’d start to worry! If you have been dragged around your house, if it is a ghost I don’t think it is a happy one!

8.) Objects Falling/Flying Across The Room

Ever had a day where things just fall off the shelf for no reason? Or something has coming flying at you, and no one was around to actually throw it? I know I’ve experienced objects falling, for no reason, just off my desk. Strangely enough this happened just after I saw mist! Could this be the sign of something paranormal? Well I now suddently feel the urge to leave my house …

9.) Strange Behaviour … Possession?

If you or someone in your house hold starts acting strangely, could this be a possession? Is someone in the house up all night staring into space, or floating off the bed? Well when this happens, it’s time to call the Ghostbusters, an exorcist or a specialist in the area … it just got real!

10.) Clowns

Well if you see this clown around, it is Pennywise, so you may want to proceed with caution … or call the authorities because it may be a case of someone may be channeling John Wayne Gacy …

Proceed with heavy caution if you are experiencing any of these 10 things, and run if you are experiencing all of them!

Find out what the family in Paranormal Activity 4 are going through when the film opens October 18th in Australia.

Check out the Facebook Page – facebook.com/ParanormalActivityAU

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