Interview: Matthew Hutchinson talks about the film Hated was lucky enough to have to opportunity to have a chat with Matthew Hutchinson (big thanks to Bill), about his latest film Hated. Matthew is a musician who made the transition to actor in the film, by playing a musician.

We spoke about that process and the film, as well as what he has in the works now We here at are delighted to bring you this interview, Matthew is fantastic person and a pleasure to speak to. Hated is a very interesting film, and quite different than other works about the music industry.

Marcey Papandrea: Hi Matthew, thanks for taking some time out to have a chat about the film Hated, which is out now on DVD in Australia.

Matthew Hutchinson: You’re welcome, and how are you?

Marcey: Very well and yourself?

Matthew: Doing well thank you.

Marcey: Let’s kick this off by asking how you got involved with the film? You are of course a musician and this is one of your first acting gigs.

Matthew: I had auditioned for it, I had actually met the writer in the States and then she asked me to read for it. So it fell in my lap really, and then I obviously auditioned, and got asked to be involved.

Marcey: How much input did you have with your character? Did you strictly stick to what was on paper or is there a bit of you in there?

Matthew: Yeah, it was a tricky one, with where to approach that situation from. I mean a musician is a musician so (laughs). Me being a musician is something that flows quite naturally, so I tried to use as much of myself as I could and what I thought was required of it. I added relevant pieces to it, with what I thought could assist the film. He is sort of the force behind the band, so he had elements of me but also other bits to it as well.

Marcey: Did you find it intimidating through this to play a musician, when you are one but of course you’re doing something a bit different?

Matthew: Yeah, it is certainly something I acknowledged and thought about how I wanted to portray that whole thing. I think I did find a balance, and you know the thing is a movie is an hour and a half long, so it’s a matter of finding the bits that you need out of yourself to assist that hour and a half. You can’t explain too much in that time so you need to really be direct with it.

Marcey: One would assume you’ve seen the film …

Matthew: (laugh) Yeah.

Marcey: So how did you feel about it after you first saw it?

Matthew: It is a true story; it is a very realistic representation of the industry. It almost comes across to me as a documentary given the details and the facts. It is very honest story.

Marcey: It certainly does come across that way, it is quite different than other films about that industry because it does feel quite real and it isn’t glossed over. It is a really good film; it left me thinking about it for a few days.

Matthew: Yeah, I think it does have that effect.

So what are you working on now? And are you planning on pursuing more work in the film industry? Or are you concentrating on music for now?

Matthew: It is interesting you mention that, I’ve been to L.A. and met with a few agents so I am definitely headed more in that direction now. I have the time to sort of focus more on that and I really do enjoy it. It was a great experience, and I am definitely doing more work with things coming up later in the year. The whole process of it was really satisfying.

Marcey: That’s good to hear, you did a fantastic job in the film and I do hope you continue to pursue film work, as it really seems like a great fit.

Matthew: Well thank you!

Marcey: You’re most welcome Matthew, and thank you once again for taking the time out to have a chat. It was an absolute pleasure and I am sure we’ll all be keeping an eye out for you in future film projects. Good luck!

Matthew: Appreciate it, thank you very much.

Hated is available to order on DVD, click the picture below for details

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