The 12 Most Fascinating Actors On TV According To Marcey

I love television, and I have for as long as I can remember. In recent years television has become the place for quality entertainment, with many series being simply outstanding. Shows like OZ and Six Feet Under really made me take notice of this medium that I wasn’t paying that much attention to. We have so many great drama and comedy shows these days, it is hard to keep up with everything.

I have my slate of shows that I watch, and I have many in the wings to watch. Out of the crop that I do watch, I thought I would pick my 12 most fascinating actors. Of course there will be omissions, as I mentioned I do watch a lot but not everything. In a year from now this list will likely be very different, but these are the actors that currently have me hooked in. Agree/Disagree? I’d love to hear your thoughts if you wish to state them.

Without any further waiting and without any order or numbering, here are my 12 most fascinating actors on TV …

Matt Bomer (White Collar)

I first discovered Matt Bomer during the pilot episode of Chuck, he was a guest star on that show for its first few seasons and he was entertaining. I never forgot him, and this year I finally embarked on the White Collar journey. It is a great show, it is fun, well written and the chemistry between the cast is amazing. Matt Bomer certainly has my attention, I do find him incredibly fascinating and he never fails to impress me. His guest appearance on Glee was superb, not only did he show his comedic chops but also showed off a remarkable singing voice.

Chris Colfer (Glee)

Where did this amazing creature come from? From the moment I started Glee, he instantly became my favourite. This man can sing, he can act and he’s a very talented writer as well. He is an all-rounder, able to hit comedic strides and dramatic ones, for me Colfer is the star of Glee. The show is a stand-out because of what he brings, and how he handles the difficult storylines, I am always in awe of the work he does. Glee has only just returned, and I hope we see more of him, he really is one heck of a unique talent.

Peter Dinklage (Game Of Thrones)

One of the reasons I wanted to start Game Of Thrones, was Peter Dinklage. He had made me a fan through his work in film, and I was curious to see him in something so different. While I still haven’t finished Season 1, Dinklage has easily been the stand out and the part I remember the best. His accolades are well deserved, he is an extraordinary actor, and a very versatile one at that. I am glued to the screen when he is on, and I simply cannot wait to start back on Game Of Thrones and I hope we see him doing more and more work.

Walton Goggins (The Shield/Justified)

Mr. Goggins where did you come from? You know I had seen him in films but I never took much notice until I saw The Shield. I was blown away by his work, and his passion for his work. When Justified began I was giddy with excitement to see him back, and when I thought perhaps he was only guest starring, he became a series regular. His work on Justified has been consistent, and his work with Timothy Olyphant is great, the pair make an amazing team. When this man is on TV I can’t get enough, he is a bit of an enigma and I love that.

Michael C. Hall (Six Feet Under/Dexter)

Ever since the pilot episode of Six Feet Under I have been a huge fan of Michael C. Hall. Coming from a theater background and basically slapping my face with his talent, I’ve followed his career closely. My excitement for Dexter was high, here was Hall back on TV and playing a serial killer, that is like meant for me. I wasn’t let down at all and I’ve followed the show ever since. Even when things aren’t great on the show, Hall still manages to keep me hooked and puts forth quality each and every time. He is a trooper too, through his personal struggles he’s continued to work and hasn’t missed a step, he truly is an idol for me.

Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother)

I have been in love with Neil Patrick Harris since Doogie Howser was in its first run on Australian television. He was a wonderfully talented and charismatic young man, then he disappeared for awhile. I had seen him in things, but he really emerged with Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle and I was very excited to see him again. Then a little show came up called How I Met Your Mother, and the man was back, with a bang, as Barney Stinson. The show was brilliant during those first few seasons, and while the quality isn’t the same, he has been fantastic throughout. He is hilarious, and he really crafted something special with Barney. The character is memorable and quotable, basically this generation’s Joey Tribbiani, but with his own books. Neil Patrick Harris is a jack of all trades, an amazing person and a real pioneer.

Vincent Kartheiser (Mad Men)

I am sorry there is no Jon Hamm on the list, but I do think that Vincent is the most fascinating actor on the show (with Jared Harris coming in a close second). I was addicted to Pete Campbell the moment I saw him, I wondered who the heck this actor was. I was shocked this was the same person who was on Angel as his son, and star of a little 90’s flick called Masterminds. He had grown up, and grown up nicely, Pete is the one we love to hate and Vincent nails the character perfectly. I miss him when he isn’t in an episode, and his chemistry with everyone in the cast is just fiery. I adore this man, he really is amazing.

Timothy Olyphant (Deadwood/Justified)

Since the mid 90’s or so I have been a Timothy Olyphant, his film career saw him playing the stand out character with films like Scream 2, Go and The Girl Next Door. Then along came Deadwood and then Justified and the man was at home in those shows. I am still new to Deadwood, and he has impressed me like crazy with his work, can’t wait to watch more. Justified is a role that suits him so well, and he plays it so well, it is addicting. I’ve seen season 1 twice now, and I am working my way through season 2, he just never ceases to amaze me. He really is an underrated talent, I am such a big fan.

Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad)

Who doesn’t love Aaron Paul and Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman? I remember Aaron from a few film roles, but he really exploded with Breaking Bad and crafted one of TV’s most memorable characters. To everyone who watches Breaking Bad, no matter what stupidity Jesse gets in, we love him. He’s a sympathetic character that really shouldn’t be, this is thanks to great writing and great consistent performances from Aaron. His accolades are extremely deserving, and when the show comes to an end next year I will miss him greatly unless he continues on in television which I do hope for.

Danny Pudi (Community)

Community came out of nowhere to create an obsession with me. I have seen each episode more than once from season 1 and 2, and it remains one of the most unique shows out there. Danny Pudi may well be the most unique person on television right now, with his character of Abed. Abed may be in the Top 5 Best Characters Currently On TV List, if there was one. Not an easy character to portray, Pudi does it with such ease now, that I couldn’t see how anyone else could make it work. He delivers each and every time, and I surely hope he continues to entertain in the near future.

Matt Smith (Doctor Who)

Our current Doctor Who is someone I am a big fan of. I hadn’t really heard of Matt Smith before he was announced as the new Doctor (I wasn’t watching yet), and when I saw his name in films I was curious to see what he was like. He was fabulous, and I really liked him, I was worried once I started Doctor Who whether I would like him after David Tennant. But all was fine after a few episodes, and I was in love with Matt Smith, he’s extremely talented and just delightfully entertaining. I love his work, and I’ll continue to love it well after he’s gone from the show and doing other things.

Michael Kenneth Williams (The Wire/Boardwalk Empire)

I was late to the game with The Wire (and still watching), I was hooked immediately to the strange character of Omar. I hadn’t really seen anything like him on television before, and it was superbly handled by Michael Kenneth Williams. He brought so much to the role, he sold it, and he made his way on to my radar. I would get excited every time I saw him on something, and I was so happy when he showed up on Boardwalk Empire as Chalky White. I don’t think I have ever seen him give anything but his best, and he continues to be a real stand out on the medium. I am looking forward to what he’ll bring with the new season of Boardwalk Empire, we need lots of Chalky!


7 thoughts on “The 12 Most Fascinating Actors On TV According To Marcey

  1. Walton Goggins is so underrated. How he got passed over for Emmy wins let alone the nominations when he was on The Shield baffles me. Nearing the end of the series when it could have gone south, he kept it together with one of the most riveting performances ever.


  2. Agreed for Chris Colfer but his talent is wasted on Glee, playing Rachel’s best gay pal is just too stupid, he’s the real star, the person who have the more impact in a international level. He deserves more screen time than some news kids or Rachel Berry.


    • He really is, I’m hoping he’ll get more to do this season. Rachel is not that great a character anymore, keeping things centered on her isn’t working.

      Looking forward to seeing Chris’ film work, he’s simply amazing ❤


  3. I think it’s hilarious you think Colfer can write, or sing… or act for that matter.
    Darren Criss is the musical one, and a billion times more intelligent. He can sing, dance, play countless instruments and speak in several different languages.
    THAT’S talent.
    Oh, and it helps that he’s an adorable sweetie pie who makes time for his fans.


    • Is it hilarious? Laugh away then love.

      I am a fan, don’t think I should be ridiculed for it. It’s not nice to diss people.

      I find it hilarious you speak as if I’ve somehow insulted Darren Criss, he wasn’t mentioned at all. Maybe that is an insult, he is amazing and I am a big fan and it’s by the smallest margin he didn’t make the list.


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