[The Super Five] 5 Of My Favourite Song Performances On Glee

Welcome back to this ongoing feature at SuperMarcey.com called ‘The Super Five’. This is a different take on the ‘Top 10’ or ‘List’ style features, where I take a subject and simply name five things. It isn’t a top list, just simply five things for your enjoyment!

This week’s list is a bit of a departure from what I have gone with before with this feature, instead of film I am heading into to television territory. I’ve decided to take a look back at the much talked out ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ show and phenomenon Glee.

Now I wasn’t always a fan of Glee, I was hating on the show before I actually decided to watch it. From the pilot I was hooked and I have watched Season 1 several times, and enjoyed the show. Season 4 kicked off last week and I really enjoyed the premiere and the direction the show seems to be heading in. I listen to the music of Glee quite often, and I thought for a list I would I name my 5 favourite performances. I am sure I’ll have those who agree or disagree but just my opinion folks.

5.) Blaine (Darren Criss) & Cooper (Matt Bomer) perform Somebody That I Used To Know

This song was performed on Glee as the original song by Goyte was just making it big. I hadn’t really heard the original song too much before I saw it on Glee, and I was amazed by not only the talent that Darren Criss continued to show but also Matt Bomer’s and the chemistry the pair shared vocally. I know that Goyte wasn’t a fan of this performance and cover of the song, but I’d just like to say without this song I probably wouldn’t have even really noticed the song or checked out his music. I love how they did the song, and I do personally think it is a good tribute to the original despite what others may think or feel.

4.) Coach Beiste (Dot Jones) performs Jolene

I have always loved Jolene by Dolly Parton, it may be my favourite song of hers. It has been covered before (check out Jack White’s goosebump inducing rendition), and I was really impressed and moved by Dot Jones’ performance. She has been one of the MVP’s on the show, an amazing talent with scenes that have actually brought me to tears. This is just a beautiful cover, and during this song I was hoping she would get a win in her life. Ironic that towards the end of the season things turn a took with Beiste and her man, but that certainly doesn’t take anything away from this.

3.) Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron) performs You Keep Me Hanging On

Now I am sorry if this is blasphemy, but I actually prefer this version of the song than the original. I don’t want to take anything away from the original, I love the song. I just love how it was covered, from the music changes to Dianna Agron’s amazing voice. It feels like a better flowing song, and this was the song that really made me sit up and take notice of Dianna the singer, rather than see Quinn the stone cold bitch. The performance was one of the highlights of the season, and it was with this song that I got my hands on the Glee soundtracks.

2.) The Warblers perform When I Get You Alone

I was a huge fan of this song when it first came out by Robin Thicke, I played it all the time and never got sick of it. I was ecstatic when I found out it was going to be performed on Glee and by the Warblers no less. Darren Criss led the performance and he was outstanding, I think this was the best from the group performances of The Warblers. As I first watched the episode and this song came on, I was actually up on my feet singing and dancing along with the tv. Yes that is rather embarrassing but it just goes to show the affect the show can have, and how truly talented some of these people are.

1.) Will (Matthew Morrison) & Bryan Ryan (Neil Patrick Harris) perform Dream On

Was there any doubt the legend that is Neil Patrick Harris would top this list? None what so ever, and of course Matthew Morrison is here as well with this being in my opinion his best performance on the show. These two are a vocal pair made in heaven, they rocked this song and it makes for one of the best covers I have heard of this amazing and classic song. It fit with the storyline of the show, and to see these two dual off to this song was just awesome. The episode is one of my favourites from Season 1, plus we had Joss Whedon on as director. Yes folks, this is all my all time favourite performance on Glee.


2 thoughts on “[The Super Five] 5 Of My Favourite Song Performances On Glee

  1. I fell in love with “Someone I Used To Know”. Found the original video to be awesome. Now I’m playing around with the parodies. The Star Wars is really great!
    I’m look forward to the movies and the music in my email every day.
    Keep up the good work! ellesmusic@blogspot.com


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