Super Podcast Ep 96 – Epic Joe Dante Discussion

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Super Podcast Ep 96 – Epic Joe Dante Discussion

Super Pocast is back in action, and this week we have a jam packed episode! Your host Super Marcey is back, but due to schedule conflicts co-host Bede Jermyn was unable to join. But fear not, Marcey found two very fantastic replacements with A.J. Hakari and Sam Inglis!

In this podcast we give our thoughts and review the majority of Joe Dante’s directorial work, including some TV stuff. We also discuss his involvement with documentary’s and Trailers From Hell. From Piranha to Hole 3D, this is the place to get your Dante fix!

Gizmo is the cutest thing of all time!

Matinee is a true love story to classic cinema

Eerie Indiana gets some love with ‘Heart On A Chain’ episode

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