Exclusive Interview (with The4R Podcast) about Four Of A Kind

Download HERE
Welcome to a very special podcast installment, this is a joint effort by the Reels, Racks, Records and Rants Podcast with Super Podcast to bring you a very special and totally exclusive interview with one Jack Marchetti.
Jack is the writer of Four Of A Kind, a film that is currently in its earlier stages and we are going to help it get moving! Jack has a Kickstarter campaign up and running to help this dream become an absolutely awesome reality!
See below, that’s Jack, he’s working hard to get this thing made before a retinal disease makes him as blind as Mr Magoo. The project has already been tweeted about by Matthew Lillard and Chris Ashworth, because it really is completely awesome!

To find out more about the film visit 4OfAKind.com and to donate and check out everything else head to Kickstarter.
Don’t forget to leave Jack comments, mainly about the inclusion of a bear in the film.
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