Drinking Game: The Wizard

The Wizard is known as one of the worst films ever made, it is basically one big advertisement for Nintendo and to add to the anticipation of the release of Super Mario Bros. 3. As kids we all flocked to see this, some of us liked it and some of us were confused by it, yet it still manages to live on. The film is still extremely awful, but it is a guilty pleasure and definitely a ‘so bad its good’ affair.

Watching it now, the film is pretty funny and silly, yet as an adult I felt like it needed an edge. So as the film started on TV, I figured, why not play a drinking game? I am sure there are ones out there, but as the film was starting I decided to just make up my own as it went along. Now I must warn you, if you chose to play this drinking game, you are going to get hammered. If you can’t handle the drinks, proceed with caution and always drink responsibly because I sure as hell ain’t responsible for you. Now with that disclaimer out of the the way, I was pretty drunk, pretty quickly, so I know it works!

Now you can chose whatever drink you want with this, I was drinking a vodka concoction which may not have been a wise move. I would advise not to do actual shots, especially if you want to make it through the entire film (unless its piss weak booze). Beer or a mix drink should work fine, again it is entirely up to you and what you drink and what you can handle. Again you’ve been warned and I am not taking any responsibility if you misbehave!

The Drinking Game:

  • Take one drink (a mouthful) whenever Jimmy says “California”
  • Take a sip whenever Corey says “California”
  • Take two drinks (two mouthfuls) when the film treads the fine line between normal and pedophilia
  • Take a sip whenever Christian Slater’s acting is questionable.
  • Take a drink whenever there are game inconsistencies (Ex “You scored 50,000 on Double Dragon)
  • Take two drinks for the power glove usage
  • Take a sip every time Lucas acts like an awesome douchebag
  • Take a sip whenever you see a case of bad parenting
  • Take a drink to survive the ‘Send Me An Angel’ song montage

Drink responsibly, I take no responsibility for those who do the wrong thing. And remember “I love the power glove, it’s so bad.”

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