Super Podcast Ep 92 – Christopher Walken and Real Ghost Hunting Adventures

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Super Podcast Ep 92 – Christopher Walken and Real Ghost Hunting Adventures
Hello folks, Super Podcast is back at ya! We have an awesome episode lined up, with your co-hosts Super Marcey and Bede Jermyn along with special returning guest Sean Clancy! We talk about some films we have seen recently, Christopher Walken, Sean tells us about his Ghost Hunting Adventures with Marcey and Bede sharing their own spooky stories!
This podcast gets creepy, be sure to have a fresh change of underwear handy!
The follow two photographs are examples of the things Sean has captured during his Ghost Hunting trips.

Look in the mirror, can you spot the reflection? Keep in mind, no one was there. The ghost of a cowboy?

Lights appearing suddenly in the photo and strange mist that forms a face …. brrrrrr scary!
This … I just can’t explain!
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