Super Power Up Podcast – The SNES Gaming Edition

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Welcome to the Super Power Up Podcast – The SNES Gaming Edition, a spin off of the Super Podcast!
This new series is about gaming, a little departure from the film talk. In this next episode we move along from the NES to the next advancement from Nintendo with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System! Your host Super Marcey is joined by returning guests Logan Fowler, Sean Clancy and Harry Jackson!
Revolution X is a mess, and well why does it exist?.

Super Metroid, it really is SUPER! Play it!

A Jetsons game … and you need to use a vacuum cleaner, wait what?

Feeling stressed? Play Mortal Kombat 3, recommended!

Someone doesn’t like Super Mario Kart, like at all! Controversy!!

Oh yeah, Turtles In Time kicks major ass!

This is worse than you think it is!

Last Action Hero the Game … is that meant to be Arnie?

Listen to what an LJN meeting would sound like!

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