[The Super Five] 5 Stephen King Adaptations That Actually Aren’t Bad

Welcome to a brand new weekly feature here at SuperMarcey.com called ‘The Super Five’. This is a different take on the ‘Top 10’ or ‘List’ style features, where I take a subject and simply name five things. It isn’t a top list, just simply five things for your enjoyment! Enjoy the debut column!

With my column over at Arrow In The Head ‘Dissecting The Director’ I get to spent a lot of time watching a director’s entire filmography. A good number of them have done Stephen King adaptations, and while they tend to have this reputation as being bad, I actually discovered that there are quite a few hidden gems. I have probably seen a majority of these adaptations, so here are my picks for ones that aren’t bad, but are quite good and enjoyable films …

5.) THE DARK HALF (1993)

This is a really solid film, and I really liked the pairing of George Romero and Stephen King. This is criminally under seen, it is well written, directed and acted, it has an interesting atmosphere and a great mystery. Timothy Hutton gives an amazing performance, if you can find it, I’d highly recommend it.


This is another under seen gem, and one I discovered on VHS. I picked it up because it starred Jennifer Jason Leigh and Katy Bates, I wasn’t aware it was based on something by Stephen King until I started watching it. It moved me deeply when I first saw it, and I often think back to it now. A powerful film, with some truly amazing performances.

3.) THINNER (1996)

This is a film I have a blast with, it is actually a lot of fun! I really enjoy the premise and the message behind it, plus the performance by Robert John Burke is really solid and he managed to make something so silly really work. A good little gem, and under rated in my opinion.


I ended up watching this film due to the Blood, Bullet’s and Broads boys Ammon and Eric constantly talking about it. It wasn’t a let down, I had such a blast with this film, it was fun, it had a neat story and I enjoyed every second of it. The premise is a little on the thin side but with a short running time you hardly notice.


From the first moment I saw this, to the subsequent rewatches, I really fell in love with it. It is such an intriguing film, and something quite different from what you’d expect from a King adaptation. Anthony Hopkins was fantastic, and this was one of his lighter performances, he didn’t chew the scenery. Also this was one of Anton Yelchin’s first film roles, and it was obvious from this that he was going to grow up to be something special.

7 thoughts on “[The Super Five] 5 Stephen King Adaptations That Actually Aren’t Bad

  1. Not a fan of the Green Mile or Shawshank? There are others that I enjoy as well. Stand By Me, The Running Man, Needful Things, The Myst… and my super guilty pleasure, Dream Catcher haha


    • Stand By Me if my favourite film, but things like that, Shawshank, Misery are generally regarded as great films and are well known. I went for 5 picks that aren’t as well known and people usually just assume aren’t good. That was the point of the list.


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