Super Power Up Podcast – The NES Gaming Edition

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Welcome to the Super Power Up Podcast – The NES Gaming Edition, a spin off of the Super Podcast!
This new series is about gaming, a little departure from the film talk. We tackled this subject earlier with a podcast about Arcade Gaming (here), and it was a success so why not bring it back and talk the Nintendo Entertainment System! Super Marcey is hosting, with special guests Logan Fowler and Sean Clancy. We talk about Super Mario Bros. series for the NES, as well as our picks for some sweet games and some truly awful ones.
We find out some interesting facts about SMB3’s Tanooki, you will be shocked and filled with financial success.

Want to feel like the ultimate bad ass? Play Bad Dudes, rescue the president and be rewarded with ….

This is a Jaws game? WHAT??? LJN WHY???

LJN strikes again! How IS this a Back To The Future game?


A game offensive to Aussies – The Adventures Of Bayou Billy, wait what is he doing with the croc?

In Contra you fight a big giant … penis?

Soak up the awesome that is the Snake Man Theme from Mega Man 3
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