[Video] That’s A Wrap 2011

A video created by Nick Bosworth

Well I can officially say that 2011 was a pretty insane year for myself personally and for everyone else I’m sure as well. College, work and everything else you could possibly think of were in full throttle and it’s one year I certainly won’t forget anytime soon. That’s why the films of 2011 were very important to me as they were a means of escaping for a couple of hours at a time and being immersed in incredible worlds and inspired by amazing characters. Whether it was a driver trying to protect those he cared for from harm or an ape coming to grips with his place in a world of humans, there was something for everyone and I for one loved them all.

I’ve always found myself inspired to edit videos together going back several years ago and THAT’S A WRAP 2011 is my biggest to date. I wanted to join the ranks of the other talented year-end video editors here on YouTube and abroad by giving my own unique and personal review of such a great year of movies and this video is the result. One aspect I wanted to include in my review which sometimes gets overlooked is the documentary genre and I think they deserve their moment in the spotlight along with other motion pictures. On top of that I also decided to look into the future a bit as 2012 promises to be yet another year full of exciting flicks.

I really hope you all enjoy the video and best to everyone for 2012!

Note: I’ll have the full list of films and music posted very soon. It’s almost 300 films if I remember correctly.

“Walk” – Written and performed by the Foo Fighters from the album “Wasting Light”. Produced by RCA Records ℗ 2011.

“Container Park” – Written and performed by the Chemical Brothers from the “Hanna” soundtrack. Produced by Back Lot Studios ℗ 2011.

“The Wings of Icarus (feat. James Dooley)” – Written and performed by Celldweller from the “Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol. 2” album. Produced by FiXT Music ℗ 2011.

“A Real Hero” (feat. Electric Youth) – Written and performed by College from the “Drive” soundtrack. Produced by Lakeshore Records ℗ 2011.

“Sub Lift” – Written and performed by Henry Jackman from the “X-Men: First Class” soundtrack. Produced by 20th Century Fox and Sony Music Entertainment.

“Run Like Hell” – Written and performed by Two Steps From Hell Productions.

“Nightcall” – Written and performed by Kavinsky from the “Drive” soundtrack. Produced by Lakeshore Records ℗ 2011.

Both the audio and video used in “That’s A Wrap 2011” is purely for entertainment purposes only and no monetary gain is involved in the making of it. No revenue generation was involved and I do not claim ownership on any of the material used as it’s the copyright/property of its respective owners. – Nick Bosworth


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