DVD Review: The Trip [MA15]

Dir: Michael Winterbottom
Starring: Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon

The Film:
There is honestly nothing better than sitting down to a great film after a long day, this is what I did with The Trip and it was just what the doctor ordered. This film is entertaining from start to finish, a great ride to take and it managed to lift my mood considerably. The shenanigans in this film actually reminded me of the banter that you’ll find on my very own podcast, right down to the Michael Caine impressions. To say this film struck a chord with is an understatement, let’s find out why!

The film centers on Steve Coogan who gets asked to take a tour of some fine restaurants, he was meant to take his girlfriend who backs out on him. So he turns to the one person he knows will say yes, yet remains a source of irritation Rob Brydon. The pair spends a week together on the road and fine dining; in-between they have some hilarious conversations that easily mirror ones from my own life.

Originally this was meant to be a TV series, and it kind of feels that way. Altogether it just feels like there was a lot left out and that shows with the hour of deleted scenes. This concept would have actually worked as a TV series, but I am glad we got at least the film. The film isn’t exactly scripted, as they know what topic they are going to talk about but they improvise everything, which is evident in the other extra feature. The natural banter between the pair was hilarious and this was when the film was at its strongest. It does take some serious turns here and there and those are fine but they just don’t work as well.

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are an amazing pair, they play these hilarious caricatures of themselves and never taking anything seriously. They honestly don’t skip a beat throughout the film, their natural chemistry really made it work as well. There is this underlying tension between the men, and this awkwardness at what they are doing that honestly fuels their performances. They are able to bounce off each other so well, it was a match made in heaven. I really loved every second of it. These two men are both brilliant at what they do, I only wish I had the talent to do impressions that spot on.

Michael Winterbottom did a great job with this film; the locations are stunning and wonderfully shot. The more intimate scenes between the men are also shot extremely well and the long shots and close-ups coming up at just the right moment. He really let these two do their thing and it turned out a real treat. The Trip is a fun and entertaining film, and it reminded me so much of myself and my friends and the rubbish we always talk about. This will be us in 20 years time, and I have absolutely no problem with that! The film rarely has a dull moment, and it can be enjoyed time and again.

The Australian DVD 
Audio/Video: The video is 1.85:1 widescreen presentation. The picture quality is fantastic, I was really impressed with how clear and sharp it was. Audio is presented with Dolby Digital 5.1. the audio is perfect for this sort of film, the dialogue was loud and clear, excellent job.

* “Costume Drama” rehearsals
* Deleted scenes
* Trailer

The Costume Drama rehearsals is 45 minutes of the pair in the car doing one scene over and over, but each time it is completely different. The general conversation remains the same but it is like watching a different scene. An interesting look into the method behind the madness. The Deleted scenes are an hour long and a film itself, they were fantastic and entertaining and I’d have loved to have seen them left in the film for a longer cut. Honestly there was never a dull moment!

Overall Rating

Thanks to Ben from MadMan for his support.

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