Super Podcast Ep 78 – We’re talking about Batman … AGAIN!

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Welcome to Episode 78 of Super Podcast – We’re talking about Batman … AGAIN!
Yes that’s right, the topic that keeps coming back … is well back again! Your hosts Super Marcey and Bede Jermyn welcome back Lisa Clark to the show, as well as contributor Logan Fowler. We also have a first time guest (cherry poppin’) and long time listener to the show Harrison Packer with us!
So Batman, what’s on the table?
Yes this is some unfortunate Poison Ivy concept art, it could have been worse folks, it could have been worse! (Click to enlarge).

That’s a Batmobile? Really?

They were both pretty darn awesome!


Oh yeah .. we do talk about Batman .. hehe
Marcey and Bede would like to extend their thanks to Lisa, Logan and Harrison for joining us.
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