DVD Review: Robot Chicken Star Wars III [M15]

Dir: Chris McKay
Voice Cast: Seth Green, Abraham Benrubi, Bob Bergen, Ahmed Best, Rachael Leigh Cook, Anthony Daniels, Hugh Davidson, Zac Efron, Eden Espinosa, Donald Faison, Keith Ferguson, Donald Glover, Mike Henry, Tom Kane, Seth MacFarlane, Breckin Meyer, Dan Milano, Raymond Ochoa, Adrianne Palicki, Matthew Senreich, Zeb Wells, Billy Dee Williams

The Special:
From the opening of this Robot Chicken Special, you can tell you are in for hilarity. I was a little disappointed with their second Special, as the bar had been raised so high with their first outing. But part III does not disappoint in the slightest, whether you are an insane Star Wars fanboy/fangirl or just as passer by of the franchise, there is something here that everyone can enjoy.

Off the bat it seemed that they had worked out where they went wrong from part II, they made the focus on the character of the Emperor voiced expertly by Seth MacFarlane. They created such an awesome character, both from a script point of view and from Seth’s own abilities. He is the character we want to see, and they deliver it.

The expanded scenes from the films, with such awesome comedic elements; like exploring how the heck Darth Vader is meant to use the bathroom. I love these types of sketches, they work on so many levels, and after watching this I have a hard time watching the films again because I think back to these sketches. If the sketches didn’t work, they’d not have any staying power.

Other types of sketches take scenes from the film and present them in a new light, one of my favourites being a scene between Anakin and Padme. They make fun of these scenes, but not in a way that is offensive. The guys show respect to something they love, and put a comedic spin on it. This is why I am a huge fan of what they have done with the series, I love Star Wars but I can see the funnier side of it all. All the guys involved are clearly huge fans of Star Wars, and George Lucas himself approves.

This particular special is well handled, the script and sketches are fantastic and the voice actors have been directed to deliver great performances. The crew who brought all the models to life out did themselves here, their work is fantastic. In a world where CGI is the easy way out, these guys painstakingly created all of these models and did things old school style. My hat goes off to those guys, and I really appreciate their work.

This is a fantastic special, and it is just as good as the first one. WATCH IT NOW!

The Australian DVD 
Audio/Video: The video is a 16:9 widescreen presentation. Picture quality is top notch, was very impressed with how good it actually turned out. Audio is presented with Dolby Digital 5.1. It sounds as great as it looks, again impressed with what they put together here.

* Sunday in the Boardroom with George – My absolute favourite extra, it shows George in such a fun light, and everyone appears to be having such a fun time. It was great, and a must watch on this set.
* Chicken Nuggets (sketch by sketch video commentary)
* Behind-the-Scenes – This is fantastic, seeing what these guys do is phenomenal!
* Voice Recording Featurette – Hilarious, again great to see how this all happens.
* Skywalker Ranch Premiere Trip – This was great to see the Ranch and how much it meant to everyone to be able to go there.
* STAR WARS Celebration V ROBOT CHICKEN Panel – Pretty awesome, a must for fans.
* Writer’s Room Featurette – This basically makes me want to go hang with these guys and buy them a beer!
* Deleted Animatics with video intros – Interesting to see what was left out and what other sketches they had in mind.
* Audio commentaries – There are 4 commentaries, they are all insightful and hilarious, can’t go wrong with commentary from these guys! With the voice actors, writers and the crew.
* Time lapses of animation – Again its pretty interesting but not a must if you aren’t a fan of the making of process.
* Seth Green Animation reference
* Gag Reel – HILARIOUS!

The extras here are phenomenal, worth watching all the way through.


Thanks to Ben from MadMan for his support.


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