Super Podcast Ep 77: We interview Troll 2’s Deborah Reed

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Welcome to the 77th episode of SUPER PODCAST!

Boy do we have a special show install for you, your hosts Super Marcey and Bede ‘the Terrible Australian’ Jermyn are joined by the one, the only Deborah Reed from Troll 2! Our guest was one of the stars of the now classic film, playing everyone’s favourite character Creedence Leonore Gielgud the Goblin Queen. It was an absolute pleasure to have Deborah join the show, and discuss the film as well as her exciting our endeavors.

Highlights Include:

* We welcome Deborah to the show, Marcey and Bede can’t contain their excitement!
* Deborah tells us the amazing story of how she got cast as Creedence!
* We talk about what it was like shooting the film, and the scene everyone always asks about the ‘popcorn scene’
* How did our guest react to seeing the film for the first time?
* Want to interact with Deborah? She’s got a website, a fan page, a youtube page and a Twitter account! (Plus she will be holding some cool ‘free drawings’ on her Fan Page!)
* Bede and I wrap the show up with some recent release talk
* And of course there is much, much more!

Marcey and Bede would like to extend the biggest thank you to Deborah for taking the time out to join the show.

You can find her at:

Go Green With The Troll 2 Queen Website

Go Green With The Troll 2 Queen on Facebook

Troll 2 Queen on Twitter

Troll 2 Queen on YouTube

You can find Super Podcast at:

Twitters – @SuperMarcey, @BedeJermyn
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3 thoughts on “Super Podcast Ep 77: We interview Troll 2’s Deborah Reed

  1. What a great movie. I thought Deb’s performance was the best in the movie. Those crazy eyes & gnarly hand gestures. Good times.

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