DVD review: Hustle Season 6 [PG]

Starring: Adrian Lester, Matt di Angelo, Kelly Adams, Robert Vaughn and Robert Glenister.

The Season
Fancy a television series that has drama, comedy, and good acting? Well look no further than Hustle! The show that currently has 7 seasons under its belt; is an absolute riot. This sixth season is top notch, and best part is you don’t need to have seen the other seasons to dive right in.

The show center’s on a group of con artists who perform a ‘long-con’ throughout the episode. These con artists are expert grifters, and they pull con’s on those who truly deserve them.

The main characters are all fun and likeable, they pull off the cons with such charisma and intelligence, it is a riot to root for them. Each con is as intricate as the next; it makes for compelling viewing. The show packs a punch, and it stands as a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

I had a ball with this season, and now I want to go back and watch the show from season 1. It packs in all the elements that make for great television. Characters you can get behind, interesting stories, it gives you a main hook with each episode that reels you right in.

The main actors are all wonderful, each giving some great performances to round out the characters. The guest stars are also on fire, and some in particular do such a great job, and they make sure you want to see them get conned.

My only gripe is that there are only 6 episodes, as I wanted more. This is one of the great things with British television, the short seasons that leave you wanting more.

It is smart, witty, fun, what more could you ask for?

The Australian DVD 
The copy I reviewed is a screener, so there are no extra features. I cannot comment on the audio/video.


  1. And This Little Piggy Had Money
  2. The Thieving Mistake
  3. Tiger Troubles
  4. The Father of Jewels
  5. Conned Out Of Luck
  6. The Hush Heist


DVD details here.

Thanks to Simone at Hopscotch for the copy.

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