Check out the fantastic Novie – Funk 3 (Get Next To You) Official Music Video

I love Music Videos, yet I feel like in this modern age they are lacking true substance and talent. It was by a lucky coincidence that I happened to stumble across this new Music Video for Novie’s Funk 3 (Get Next To You) song. The song is great, the kind of smooth tune I could easily use as a muse for writing. The video is a visual delight, with a gorgeous animation. It actually tells a story, and it is entertaining. Best of all the animation and the music fit together perfectly. There is a great blend here, and I really miss this with Music Videos. Check it out, you’re sure to enjoy both the music and visuals.


BUY on iTunes here

Animation & Script – Gavin C Reed
Concept & Story – Novie, Gavin C Reed & Andrew ‘Andy T’ Thompson
Kenjutsu Choreography – Phil Fisher
Songwriters – Novie, Max ‘School Boy’ Roach & Andrew ‘Andy T’ Thompson
Track producers – Novie & Andrew ‘Andy T’ Thompson
Mixing & Mastering – SEOK

© 2011 Novie. All rights reserved.


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