Super Podcast – The Best Of COMMANDO: Audio Commentary Edition

This is a special video collection in 2 parts of the best moments of the Super Podcast’s special audio commentary edition of COMMANDO. Your awesome team of Super Marcey, Bede Jermyn and Nick Bosworth bring you this Arnie classic, in a way you’ve never heard before! You can either listen to the audio on it’s own, or listen to it while watching the film, all you need to do is start the film when we do in the audio. It is designed for the NTSC director’s cut, however you could get away with watching the PAL. You can download the entire commentary here:

Disclaimer: This audio commentary isn’t meant to be taken seriously, it is just a humorous look at a classic film. It is for entertainment purposes, we do not wish to offend anyone who worked on and in the film or anyone else mentioned, we have respect for you all.

Part 1:

Part 2:

– Bede Jermyn


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