[MIFF ’11] In Conversation: Morgan Spurlock

In Conversation: Morgan Spurlock

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The Forum Theater hosted ‘In Conversation’ with Morgan Spurlock, which I had the chance to attend on Sunday the 31st of July. Morgan’s latest film POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold screened at the festival, and he came along to talk about it. He was joined by The Chaser’s Andrew Hansen for the session.
‘In Conversation’ is a chance for someone in the industry to sit down and talk to the audience about a range of different subjects, and open up the floor for audience Q & A. Morgan discussed his latest film, as well as Super Size Me and Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden. Other topics came up as well, but overall it was a fun and enjoyable experience. My opinion on Morgan the person has certainly changed, and it was a great chance to hear him really express what his intentions were with his films and so forth.
I had the pleasure of meeting both Morgan and Andrew after the event, and they were both kind enough to pose for photos. Morgan also took some time out to discuss The Greatest Movie Ever Sold with me, and he gave me some insight into what he wanted to say with the film. I’d like to thank Morgan, Andrew and MIFF for the event.

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