Super Podcast – The Harry Potter Edition

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Welcome to the Super Podcast’s latest episode – The Harry Potter Edition aka Pottercast. Your regular host Super Marcey is joined by Logan J. Fowler as they discuss all things Potter, like obviously!
We decided we wanted to ‘dress up’ as two characters who both had fathers with long blonde hair!

Highlights Include:
* We discuss how we first got interested in the franchise.
* All the films get discussed, which fared better than others?
* Wait until my father hears about this !?!
* Lots of confusion over what a Stag actually is …
* Some how Logan confuses Mark Zuckerberg and Mark Wahlberg …
* We run down our top 3 favourite characters, books and films.
* And much, much more!

Big thank you to Logan for taking the time out for the show.
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