Super Podcast Ep 71: We’re taking a trip back to 1982

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Welcome to Episode 71 of Super Podcast – We’re taking a trip back to 1982! That’s right folks, we’ve discussed previous years in film (1999, 1984 and 1987) on earlier shows and for this weeks edition we went back to 1982! Join your hosts Super Marcey and Bede Jermyn along with Sam Inglis from 24FPS and MultiMediaMouth as we have a range of films to discuss.
Highlights Include:
* We each pick 5 different films from the year to discuss.
* Want to listen to horrendous plot descriptions? We have plenty!
* Sci-fi theme runs heavy, 1982 had a lot of them.
* A film with a funny Steve Martin and a racist dog come up for discussion.
* Bede manages to continuously butcher the English language.
* And much, much more!

Marcey and Bede would like to thank Sam for taking the time out to join them.
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