Bede’s Month In Movies – May

NOTE: Sorry that I’m really late with mine this month, I been so busy the last few weeks that I didn’t have a chance to do it until now. Enjoy!

Number of Movies Seen This Month: 63
Number of Movies Seen This Year (so far): 224

5/5 – Excellent
The King And I (1956)

4.5/5 – Really Great

4/5 – Great
The Tracker (2002)
Source Code
Red (2008)
Les Misérables (1998)
Water For Elephants
Thor (2011)
Machete Maidens Unleashed!
Shakes The Clown
Fast Five

3.5/5 – Really Good
City Of Angels (1998)
Ghost In The Shell
Love And Other Drugs
Morning Glory
F/X 2
Risk (2000)
The Tunnel (2011)
Black Lightning
Without A Clue

3/5 – Decent
The House Of Mirth (2000)
The Dilemma
Sleepwalking (2008)
The Oxford Murders
The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three (1998)
$5 A Day
The Pest
Zombies Of Mass Destruction

2.5/5 – Average
The Lasy Castle
Grace Quigley
8 Million Ways To Die
Black Moon Rising
Honey (2003)
Mutant Chronicles
The Santa Clause 2
The Borrowers
The Ward
Student Bodies
Autumn In New York
School Of Life
Messengers 2: The Scarecrow
Madhouse (2004)

2/5 – Sucky
The Tourist
Lucky Country
Collison Course
The Tuxedo
Hallowed Ground (2007)

1.5/5 – Bad
The Rebound
Under The Mountain

1/5 – Terrible
The Spy Next Door
Jimmy The Kid
King Lear (1987)
Gulliver’s Travels (2010)

First Movie I Saw This Month: WITHOUT A CLUE
Last Movie I Saw This Month: TRANGLED



Best Actor: (tie) Yul Brynner, THE KING AND I (1956) and Colin Farrell, TRIAGE
Best Actress: Deborah Kerr, THE KING AND I (1956)
Best Supporting Actor: Geoffery Rush, LES MISERABLES (1998)
Best Supporting Actress: Susan Anspach, RUNNING

Best Director: Walter Lang, THE KING AND I (1956)
Best Original Screenplay: François Ozon & Emmanuèle Bernheim, 5×2
Best Adapted Screenplay: Danis Tanovic, TRIAGE
Biggest Suprise: FAST FIVE
Biggest Disappointment: THE TOURIST

Most Fucked-Up Movie: KING LEAR (1987)
I’m Pretty Damn Sure No One Else Has Seen This”: (five-way tie) LUCKY COUNTRY, PRIMAL, SCHOOL OF LIFE, THE TRACKER (2002) and THE TUNNEL (2011)
Person/Character I Never Want to Meet: August (Christoph Waltz), WATER FOR ELEPHANTS
Why Is He/She Still in Movies?: Jack Black, GULLIVER’S TRAVELS
Recurring Genre: Horror
Ultimate WTF? Moment: Gulliver puting the castle fire out by pissing on it, GULLIVER’S TRAVELS
Best Scene: The ending, TRIAGE
Best Line: “I need a horse!” “We don’t have Horses, just dogs, cats, birds…” “Then give me one of those large enough to ride.” – Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Pet Store Clerk (Isaac Kappy), THOR (2011)
Movie I Finally Got to Friggin’ See: (tie) THE KING AND I and RASHOMON
Hottest Lady: Anne Hathaway, LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS
Oldest Movie: RASHOMON (1950)

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