Super Podcast Ep 66: ThorCast

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Welcome to Episode 66 of Super Podcast – ThorCast! Yes folks, to celebrate the release of Thor we have a special episode dedicated to the God of Thunder. Join your hosts Super Marcey, the returning Bede Jermyn and Logan J Fowler as they discuss all things Thor! We also go into some recent films we’ve checked out, including website favourite No Retreat No Surrender.

Thorlights Include:
* I need a horse.
* Bede is back, so why was he gone? What happened?
* What exactly did we think of Thor? Was it … Thortastic?
* Thor puns galore, obviously!
* Just what is the pronunciation of Mjölner?
* Bede checks out Water for Elephants, and we also discuss a bit of Source Code.
* Logan pops his No Retreat No Surrender cherry.
* And Much, Much More!
Marcey would like to thank Bede and Logan for taking the time out to join the show.
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