Super Podcast Ep 64: A Podcast Sci-Fi Odyssey

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Welcome to Episode 64 of Super Podcast – A Podcast Sci-Fi Odyssey! That is right folks, for the first time ever we have a Sci-Fi themed show! Your host Super Marcey is joined by  Super Podcast regular A.J. Hakari taking over co-hosting duties from Bede Jermyn this week. Also joining the show for the first time is good friend to the site Joe McGuinness from Tinned Goods. Please join us on our fantastic voyage …


Highlights Include:
* We start off the show with introductions, and reasons for Bede’s absence.
* What exactly got us interested in sci-fi? A.J. goes for a classic, Joe and Marcey both share the same pick!
* We talk about what we feel has taken sci-fi in the wrong direction.
* We discuss what has been great in sci-fi over the last 15 or so years, Marcey and Joe agree yet again on a pick.
* A.J. throws us a very strange sounding film, proving why he is so awesome.
* Honorable mentions time!
* And Much, Much More!
Marcey would like to thank A.J. and Joe for taking the time out to join the show.
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One thought on “Super Podcast Ep 64: A Podcast Sci-Fi Odyssey

  1. Lost in Space was written by Akiva Goldsman who also wrote the scripts for Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. I think that explains everything.


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