Foo Fighters Back and Forth

Do you like the Foo Fighters? Do you like documentaries? If you answered yes, then quite simply this film is for you. Back and Forth chronicles the beginnings of the band through to their latest album Wasting Light. We hear from basically everyone who had some kind of input with the band, and taking front and center is the frontman Dave Grohl. We find out how the band got started, and the problems they faced post-Nirvana where Dave had come from. During the early years, they struggled with different band members, keeping the band together, yet they  have managed to complete 7 studio albums. Whether you are a big fan of theirs or not I think the film gives a great in-sight into the happenings of a rock band, what goes on behind the scenes and the drama’s they face. Making an album isn’t easy, keeping things together isn’t easy and we get to experience all of this with the band. What more could you ask for with a documentary like this?
It is actually well put together, the interviews are interesting and candid, no one really held anything back. The behind the scenes footage we are shown is pretty awesome to see as well as live performances and music video snippets. I loved the flow of the film, it was never boring or not interesting, what they had to say definitely kept my attention. From the beginning we got to see how Dave started out with music, how he got into Nirvana and what happened after Cobain’s passing. He had quite the journey which ended up leading to the formation of this group. But the beginnings weren’t easy, as he had the stigma of Nirvana constantly there and that is what the media seemed to press with. Once the band was actually going, drama’s continued with the loss and gain of different band members and how this affected the group and the music. I mean when you think about it, if everything had run smoothly, there wouldn’t be much if a story to tell.
We get to see what the band members are like, how they got involved and what personal issues they struggled through. Most importantly everyone seemed like real people, they didn’t come off as crazed stars with no sense of reality. These guys were down to Earth, and pretty thankful for their success and where life had led them. This was so amazing to see, and it pretty much just made me realize as a fan why I loved them so much. Not only do they make fantastic music but they are real people, who are passionate about what they do. They put in 110% effort in their music, and it was really great to see ‘the magic happen’. I loved how the film wound down with how grateful and amazed they were with the sell outs at Wembley Stadium and how they wanted to make sure every single person who purchased a ticket got the most out of the experience. And then we went on to see how Wasting Light came about and why they decided to record it in Dave’s garage. I think the high light of this all for me was two things, seeing he guys in their everyday lives with their families and also the appearance of Nirvana’s bass guitarist Krist Novoselic who came in to record a song. As a life long Nirvana fan (they will always be my favourite band) it just felt so amazing to see those two guys not only in the same room together but making music together.
I highly recommend checking this one out, I loved it a lot and I am sure this one wont disappoint.

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