Wake Up

Every so often a film comes along that completely changes the way you feel about your own life and thinking, and it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Wake Up is that film for me, and it is true to the title, I felt like I did ‘wake up’ so to speak. This is a documentary about Jonas Elrod, who was a normal person, living a normal life until one day he wakes up and everything changes for him. Jonas suddenly is able to see and hear angels, demons, auras and ghosts. Now before you start saying ‘yeah right, as if or he’s insane’, well Jonas gets a clean bill of health and professionals are at a loss to explain how this is possible. So what is going on? Why has he been affected with this new reality? The film shows how this man deals with what is going on, and how he deals with those around him and how they deal with what is happening to him. Jonas wants to find answers, so he goes and sees different people with different ideas in order to try and understand this phenomenon.
Wake Up I think is a film that aims to show its audience that there is more to life than meets the eye, and it opens up a door to help us accept this. I have always been the kind of person who hasn’t really been very spiritual, sure I believe there is more out there but I have my own skepticism about things. I usually want to see something in order to believe it, yet I still wonder about so many things. Going into this film I was kind of skeptical even though I found Jonas to be very interesting, I wasn’t sure what to believe. After seeing this film though, it has opened my eyes to so much and to feel okay to believe. I respect people’s views on life and religion, I always have. I think it is important for each one of us to explore our spirituality, and find some inner peace. Watching Jonas on this journey was quite inspiring, because I really would love to explore more with life and have some kind of inner peace. Especially with dealing with the things that are going on with me, I think this films has just come around at the perfect time for me. We all have something going on, and for Jonas it took this new reality for him to go on this journey.
Perhaps we shouldn’t be waiting for something to happen to us to in order to self explore, and I love that this film sends this message. It has a positive message and attitude, and I really can’t recommend this enough. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this film, I feel like I am finally starting my own journey and I owe that to Wake Up in part. As a documentary though it works so well because we have interesting people and situations to experience, it is never boring. It flows very well, never a dull moment, we get all the info we need to travel this journey. This is such a well made film, and I am thankful to have gone on this ride with everyone. See it.
Visit the official site here.

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